TJ Jeffrey

TJ Jeffrey

The Captain Pike fan among the team, TJ is an experienced & talented digital media expert who currently oversees the "Star Trek Pike" social media presence and Trek Central's social presence.

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Christmas is upon us, and if we didn't already have a plethora of Star Trek themed goodies to add to our collections, then here's a new fun book to wrap up and stick under the...

Kate Mulgrew reveals more details for Star Trek: Prodigy

Kate Mulgrew reveals more details on the up-coming Star Trek: Prodigy and Captain Janeway's return to the franchise.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 boxsets arrive this July

Release information for Star Trek: Discovery's third season, arriving on DVD & Blu-Ray July 20th in the US & Canada.

New Star Trek Advent Calendars have been Assimilated…

A Borg Cube is heading into the Alpha Quadrant this Christmas to assimilate your Advent Calendar. Resistance is futile!

Star Trek Discovery scores 3 CAFTCAD Awards wins for its Costume Department

The Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design (CAFTCAD) Awards celebrate the best costumes in Film, Television and Digital Productions. Star Trek: Discovery was nominated in 6 categories this year. It took...

Alex Kurtzman hints at the reunification of Star Trek’s TV & Movie universes

Alex Kurtzman hints at the reunification of Star Trek's tv & movie universes.


ViacomCBS Appoint New CEO to “Global Brand” Paramount+

News came out of ViacomCBS earlier this week that the current incumbent Marc DeBevoise will be stepping down from his role as Chief Digital...

NEWS: First Plot Details on ‘Star Trek: Coda’ Trilogy and DS9 ‘Revenant’.

The first plot details have been revealed for the upcoming 'Star Trek: Coda' trilogy from authors Dayton Ward, James Swallow, & David Mack. We...

Discovery Season 3 Reviewed: Terra Firma Part 1

‘Terra Firma Part 1’ took us all a little bit by surprise, subverting our expectations by taking us back into the mirror universe, here’s...

Review – Star Trek: Klingons One-Shot

Kahless the Unforgettable is one of the most important Klingons in all of Klingon history. He is a legendary mythological figure that was the...

Star Trek: Legends – The New Trek RPG

Legendary characters from across the Star Trek Universe feature in the new RPG Star Trek: Legends, beaming down today on Apple Arcade. The past, present...