TJ Jeffrey

TJ Jeffrey

The Captain Pike fan among the team, TJ is an experienced & talented digital media expert who currently oversees the "Star Trek Pike" social media presence and Trek Central's social presence.

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TREK THIS OUT: News round-up March 8-14, 2021

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is official in production, plus a slew of new books, a new Star Trek documentary series, and an update on the status of long rumoured mini-series Ceti Alpha V.

TREK BOOKS – New Star Trek kids, non-fiction & reference books for 2021

Not only are there a slew of new Star Trek novels being released in 2021, but we've also got new children's books, and a number of glossy, non-fiction and reference hardbacks hitting the slate for...

WOMEN MAKE TREK – Catching up with the project co-founder Heather Rae

We talk to 'Women Make Trek' Co-Founder Heather Rae to discuss the growth of the project and its important message.

Mission to Mars: Real space explorers inspired by Star Trek

Star Trek’s most enduring connection to its audience is its ability to inspire. And when it comes to science fiction, there are few, if any franchises with the same longevity. It has been rooted in...

TREK THIS OUT: Star Trek News Roundup 1-7 March 2021

After all the excitement of last week's Paramount+ Investor Day reveals, it's been a much quieter week. The new streaming service launched on Thursday to much less fanfare, though one major piece of news broke in the form of the announcement of a new movie in the works.


A new project from the makers of 'What We Left Behind', the Star Trek: Voyager Documentary is crowdfunding now!


Captain Janeway Returning to the Star Trek Universe

As part of New York Comic-Con, Star Trek Universe had its biggest announcement, that Captain Janeway is returning to our screens in the Star...

Star Trek: Discovery novel ‘Wonderlands’ review

New Star Trek: Discovery novel 'Wonderlands' arrived this week! We've dived into the new adventure for an in-depth review, including it's many insights and...

An Introduction to Star Trek: Lower Decks Before its UK Premiere.

New to Star Trek: Lower Decks? Let us introduce you to the latest animated series set in the Star Trek Universe before its premiere...

First Contact Day: First Teaser from Season 2 of Picard see’s return of Q

Breaking news from the opening presentation of First Contact Day by Sir Patrick Stewart who introduces the first teaser from season 2 of Star...

New Star Trek novels for 2021 and an EXCLUSIVE ‘Rogue Elements’ cover reveal.

Despite the delays in the Star Trek Universe television shows hitting the air, and no release dates in sight, Star Trek fans do have...