TJ Jeffrey

TJ Jeffrey

The Captain Pike fan among the team, TJ is an experienced & talented digital media expert who currently oversees the "Star Trek Pike" social media presence and Trek Central's social presence.

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A new project from the makers of 'What We Left Behind', the Star Trek: Voyager Documentary is crowdfunding now!

TREK THIS OUT: Star Trek News Roundup 22-28 Feb 2021

It's been a huge week for Star Trek news, with our first look at Star Trek Prodigy, updates on production status for Section 31, 'new shows' in development, as well as more plot details for...

NEWS: First Plot Details on ‘Star Trek: Coda’ Trilogy and DS9 ‘Revenant’.

The first plot details have been revealed for the upcoming 'Star Trek: Coda' trilogy from authors Dayton Ward, James Swallow, & David Mack. We also have some details on the new DS9 book ‘Revenant’ from...

TREK THIS OUT: Our Weekly Star Trek News Roundup 15-21 February 2021

It's been a busy week for Star Trek news here on Trek Central and around the internets, including sites like SyfyWire, The Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline. For Trek This Out we've rounded everything up we...

New Star Trek novels for 2021 and an EXCLUSIVE ‘Rogue Elements’ cover reveal.

Despite the delays in the Star Trek Universe television shows hitting the air, and no release dates in sight, Star Trek fans do have a whole slate of new novels to look forward to over...

Star Trek: Picard season 2 has begun filming

After a long delay, Picard and the La Sirena crew head back out for new adventures on Star Trek: Picard season 2. Engage!


Star Trek: Year Five #14 Review

Is the 5 year mission of the USS Enterprise and her crew finally coming to end in Star Trek Year Five issue 14? As

ICYMI: A Roundup of Star Trek News

Every Sunday we will be bringing you a weekly roundup of some Star Trek related news to that you may have missed. This week...

Captain Janeway Returning to the Star Trek Universe

As part of New York Comic-Con, Star Trek Universe had its biggest announcement, that Captain Janeway is returning to our screens in the Star...

Discovery Season 3 Reviewed: Far From Home

Episode 2 falls under our group scrutiny this week, with some mixed feelings but hope for the rest of the season. As usual, you...

Noah Averbach-Katz talks Ryn During Recent AMA Reddit Session

Star Trek newcomer Noah Averbach-Katz talks Ryn, Star Trek Fandom and more during recent Reddit AMA session. Noah Averbach-Katz was introduced during the 6th episode...