About us

Trek Central is a large and rapidly growing digital media platform, dedicated to covering the iconic Star Trek Universe. Our mission is to get the news out first, but with a commitment to credibility and the highest level of professional standards. Through our YouTube channel, website, and various social media platforms, Trek Central is seeking to provide premier, top of the line coverage on the latest Trek news, reviews, and breakdowns to fans all over the world!

We’re run by fans, for fans, so why not get involved and join in the discussion. You can get in touch with us via our various social media channels, as well as community spaces such as Discord.

Meet The Team

Jack Trestrail

Director & Editor in Chief

A creative at heart, when not seeking ways to insert “Faith of The Heart” into anything, Jack leads Trek Central’s operations in developing the brand and ensuring quality content is always delivered.

David Milburn

Managing Editor

Illustrator and writer, David Had plans for world domination at the age of 17 then discovered recliner sofas and then became too comfy for all that nonsense. Powered by his love of all things Star Trek.

Dom Paris

Assistant Editor

The resident "Loremaster" among the team, Dom is typically found fact-checking videos and articles for the Trek Central team, as well as reviewing the latest episodes and movies.

Nick (Ketwolski)


Primarily making content on all aspects of the Star Trek universe, Nick works to schedule and organize Trek Central's flagship Livestream show, "Trek Central Weekly" as well as hosting his own channel, Ketwolski.

TJ Jeffrey

Content Producer

The Captain Pike fan among the team, TJ is an experienced & talented digital media expert who currently oversees the "Star Trek Pike" social media presence and Trek Central's social presence.

Andrew DeFratis


A 'historian of the future', Andrew (AKA: AJHalliwell) is active on Twitter and Memory Alpha, observing the recurring details that make the Star Trek universe feel real.

Brie Beecher


Brie joined the Trek Central team in 2020 to add an extra talented voice to the team. When she's not showing off her favourite Trek merch, you can catch her on videos and livestreams!

Jacob Levy


Resident "Comic Book Master", Jacob typically oversees the review side of things when it comes to the latest comic book stories and adventures from the Trek universe.

Adam Watson

Video Presenter

Adam is a nerdy ball of creative snark. A lifelong Star Trek fan, his hobbies include Legos, quoting Deep Space Nine and writing stories about everything. Occasionally he has even been caught narrating real life when not occupied by other voicework such as Audible books.

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Like talking Trek and sharing your passion? Fantastic! We’re always looking for new people to join the team, so if you’re interested in getting involved with a vibrant and growing team, get in touch.