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Star Trek Online’s Klingon Civil War Concludes!

Finally the thrilling Star Trek: Online Klingon Empire Civil War storyline has reached its conclusion. House United, the newest story season for the popular MMORPG has released on PC. Console players (Xbox One & Playstation 4) can expect the update to beam down on August 3rd.

Star Trek: Discovery novel ‘Wonderlands’ review

New Star Trek: Discovery novel 'Wonderlands' arrived this week! We've dived into the new adventure for an in-depth review, including it's many insights and intriguing elements that link directly to season 3's storyline. REVIEW Notable Trek Author...

Kate Mulgrew reveals more details for Star Trek: Prodigy

Kate Mulgrew reveals more details on the up-coming Star Trek: Prodigy and Captain Janeway's return to the franchise.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 boxsets arrive this July

Release information for Star Trek: Discovery's third season, arriving on DVD & Blu-Ray July 20th in the US & Canada.

New Star Trek Advent Calendars have been Assimilated…

A Borg Cube is heading into the Alpha Quadrant this Christmas to assimilate your Advent Calendar. Resistance is futile!

Resistance is Futile with Hero Collector’s Latest: ‘The Borg and The Delta Quadrant’.

'The Borg and The Delta Quadrant: Akritirian to Krenim', the fifth entry in the Star Trek: Shipyards series from Hero Collector arrives today! Released today is the latest entry in the very popular Hero Collector Shipyards...

Summit Reached in Final Paramount+ Mountain Promo

Via their YouTube channel, Paramount+ has released the final, extended, promo for its upcoming streaming service due to launch on March 4th. In just a...

The Cool, Scrappy Underdogs: Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1 – Review By A.J Black.

A.J Black is a writer hailing from Birmingham, England, author of ‘Myth-Building in Modern Media: The Rise of the Mytharc in Imagined Worlds’ and...

Why Kathryn Janeway Is The Leader We Need Right Now

With the timely announcement that Kathryn Janeway is returning to the Star Trek Universe, TrekThis writer Jack looks at why Janeway could be the...

Star Trek First Contact Day Celebration Schedule

Monday 5th April sees the return of First Contact Day, a key date for fans of Star Trek to celebrate the franchise we love....

New Star Trek: Discovery book, Wonderlands, coming May

A new Star Trek book 'Wonderlands' set in the future seen in Discovery season three is coming soon from publishers Simon and Schuster and...