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BREAKING – Star Trek: Infinite Ends Development


In some unexpected, but sadly not surprising news, Star Trek: Infinite is ending development. The game was officially released on October 12th, 2023. Developed by Nimble Giant Entertainment and published by Paradox Interactive. It was seen by many as the Star Trek version of Stellaris. Sadly, as of March 27th 2024, Star Trek: Infinite Ends Development has no more updates planned.

In Star Trek: Infinite, the player had to make choices. For instance, you could choose between handing over reports about the Khitomer Attack and implicating “The House of Mogh” or keeping it for our own intelligence. Your choices would give different outcomes. Certain events would be triggered depending on how the player played the game. It seemed like a Trekkie dream—finally, a chance to lead a major Star Trek faction how they wanted to.

So, what happened to Star Trek: Infinite?

Nimble Giant Entertainment Beam Out

In January 2024, Kotaku reported that Nimble Giant Entertainment had faced staff job losses. Embracer, the owner of the development studio, has been restructuring its studios since mid-2023. Sadly, that means Nimble Giant also saw staff cuts. Several ex-staff members confirmed they were caught up in job reductions. Kotaku also reported that the Star Trek: Infinite developer saw two rounds of layoffs in 2023.

A post was made to the Paradox Forum about the ending of Star Trek: Infinite. It reads as follows.

Today, we bring news regarding the future of Star Trek: Infinite, a journey we’ve embarked on together with a lot of excitement.

Sadly, we must inform you that Star Trek: Infinite will not receive further updates.

Together, we’ve explored distant worlds, faced formidable adversaries, and created a community bound by a shared love for the Star Trek universe.

We want to extend our gratitude to those who have been the backbone of this journey. To the incredible team at Nimble Giant whose dedication and creativity made Star Trek: Infinite a reality. Working alongside such a talented group has been a privilege.

Equally, our partners at Paramount deserve a world of thanks. Your support and insights have been an invaluable resource, enriching our development process and enabling us to craft the game that stands before our community today. Your commitment to this project has helped us navigate the vastness of the Star Trek universe with authenticity and passion.

Lastly, we cannot express enough gratitude for you, our community, for your support, enthusiasm, and dedication. Your engagement, feedback, and passion have been the driving force behind this adventure. You’ve built more than just a player base; you’ve forged a community of explorers united under the banner of Star Trek.

Though our journey in updating Star Trek: Infinite concludes here, the universe we’ve created together remains. The legacy of Star Trek: Infinite will live on through you, the community, and the adventures you continue to share.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible voyage, live long and prosper.

Star Trek: Infinite Ending Development Post – Via Paradox Forum

Sadly, this is the end of the road for Star Trek: Infinite—a very short road. The game is still available on Steam and has “Very Negative” recent reviews. All-time reviews for the video game are “Mixed.” The game is available for £26.99 via Steam.

Frustrated and disappointed players are already making their feelings known. One review reads, “Paradox officially abandoned the game in an more than unfinished state. DO NOT BUY! STI will be my last Paradox game for the foreseeable future.

Alternatives To Star Trek: Infinite!

If you want to keep the adventure going, there is an alternative to Star Trek: Infinite. There is a total conversion mod for Stellaris, the game Infinite was based on. The mod is titled “ST: New Horizons“. Many regard it as the ultimate Star Trek fan-mod for Stellaris. It’s worth noting that this is NOT an official product of Paramount+ but a community, fan-developed mod. As such, updates are at the discretion of the mod development team. Still, the latest update for the mod was released on March 5th.

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