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MULTIPLE Star Trek Movies In Development!


Let’s be honest. Star Trek Movies seem to be a hot subject. To put it lightly, it’s been a few years since we last saw Star Trek on the big screen. Paramount has struggled to find success, or much luck at all, with Star Trek on the big screen. Now, the Star Trek franchise has multiple movie projects in development simultaneously—both on the small screen and the big screen! Variety revealed more details in their report on The Future of Star Trek.

Michelle Yeoh just wrapped her Star Trek: Section 31 movie, which will be available as a direct-to-streaming movie on Paramount+. Star Trek: Beyond premiered in 2016 and was made by Paramount Pictures and JJ Abrams’ production company Bad Robot. Sadly, they’ve yet to succeed in getting more Trek movies off the ground. We’ve all heard the announcements of “Star Trek IV” being in development. But is it really happening?

Star Trek IV is happening! Paramount still intends to make what it now describes as the “final chapter” of the Star Trek reboot cast, which includes Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock, and Zoe Saldaña as Uhura. Variety revealed that Steve Yockey had been tapped to write a new draft of the script. However, Paramount also have other projects in development for the movies. But what are they?

Possible Star Trek: Picard Movie?

During Variety’s feature on Star Trek, they revealed that Franchise Boss Alex Kurtzman is eyeing more opportunities for TV movies, including a possible follow-up to Star Trek: Picard. The Paramount+ series concluded its three-season run last year after reuniting the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, fans have been demanding more since the closing credits rolled. Fans are eager for a new series called “Star Trek Legacy,” which could follow Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine.

However, it’s possible that the Legacy series idea could become a Star Trek TV movie. Let’s remember that Michelle Yeoh’s Section 31 series eventually became a TV Movie. The legendary Sir Patrick Stewart revealed in January 2024 that a Star Trek movie script was in the works. The actor who played Jean-Luc Picard was speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. During the conversation, he revealed that a Star Trek movie script was being written with him in mind.

It’s possible Stewart was referring to the same idea that Kurtzman is eyeing up. Host Josh Horowitz confirmed that Stewart’s podcast session was recorded in November 2023. This would have been when Sir Patrick promoted his memoir “Making It So“. Ultimately, we won’t know much more about this potential project until it depends.

Patrick Stewart as Picard in “Dominion” Episode 307, Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+. Photo Credit: Trae Patton/Paramount+. ©2021 Viacom, International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Origins Of The Star Trek Timeline Movie

Director Toby Haynes was previously announced to be directing a Star Trek movie. No major details were revealed at the time. Deadline, who reported the initial story, stated Haynes’s project would serve as an origin story of sorts for the main timeline of the entire franchise. This implies it would NOT be in the Kelvin Timeline. For context for those new to movies, the Star Trek 2009 reboot series spaned a separate timeline for Star Trek.

According to Variety, Paramount is focused on rightsizing the budgets to fit within the clear box office ceiling for new Star Trek feature films. Toby Haynes is an accomplished director. He was recently the main director on Lucasfilm’s “Andor” series, which has become one of the more critically acclaimed series in that universe. Seth Grahame-Smith is penning the script, with J.J Abrams’s Bad Robot producing.

Star Trek IV Is Back, Again? Or Not?

It’s a bit of a headache trying to keep up with Star Trek IV. However, Variety has exclusively revealed that a new screenwriter has been hired. Steve Yockey has been tapped as the new screenwriter for Star Trek IV. As mentioned, Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot still intend for the project to be the “final chapter” of the Star Trek reboot timeline.

Attempts to bring back the reboot cast have been difficult. Multiple directors and writers have been announced, but they have left the project. Matt Shakman was previously announced as the film’s director. Screenwriters Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet were previously attached to the film project. Given the announcement of Yockey joining, whether Beer and Dworet are still part of the project is unknown. Shakman left in 2022 to direct “The Fantastic Four” for Marvel Studios. Paramount sent Star Trek IV back to the drawing board.

Kalinda Vazquez’s Star Trek Movie

Variety’s report also mentions that Kalinda Vazquez’s Star Trek project is still in development. Announced in 2021, Vazquez was set by Paramount Pictures to write a Star Trek movie with JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot producing. Vazquez has previously written on Star Trek: Discovery. Since the original announcement in 2021, there has hardly been any information about this project. Today’s Variety report confirms that it is still in development.

The only detail we knew about Kalinda Vazquez’s Star Trek Movie was that it was original. Some Star Trek fans have long theorized that this could be a movie with the Star Trek: Discovery cast. The series launched modern Star Trek and begins its fifth and final season on April 4th via Paramount+.

Official Poster Artwork for Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 (Via Paramount+)

Star Trek Movies Are Potentially Back!

As mentioned, Star Trek: Section 31 has just wrapped. This is likely the first movie outing we’ll see for the Star Trek universe since 2016’s Beyond. While it won’t be on the “big-screen”, it will still be a movie event for the Star Trek universe. However, there is a possible chance of a sequel. Should Section 31 prove successful, Michelle Yeoh has said she is game for a sequel.

Honestly, seeing this much work going into Star Trek movies is still surprising. After so many announcements but little in the way of actual results on the viewer side, it’s understandable why so many are hesitant to board the next Hype train. There is a general sentiment in Star Trek fans: “I’ll belive it when I see it”. It’s understandable, to be honest. Maybe we will eventually see Star Trek IV. Only time will tell!

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