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FIRST LOOK at Star Trek: Section 31


Star Trek: Section 31 only wrapped filming the other week. Now, we’ve got our first proper look at the upcoming Star Trek movie. We’ve got a new image thanks to Variety, who interviewed many of the Star Trek creatives. In addition, details about the upcoming Michelle Yeoh-led movie are coming in.

While the new picture gives us a glimpse of former Terran Emperor Philippa Georgiou in action, we also have new details about the movie, such as a character from Star Trek: The Next Generation appearing—all be it in a younger form. Star Trek: Section 31 is directed by Star Trek: Discovery veteran Olatunde Osunsanmi and written by Craig Sweeny.

MINOR SPOILERS – This article contains casting and character reveals for Star Trek: Section 31

Michelle Yeoh as Phillippa Georgiou in Star Trek: Section 31 (Via Jan Thijs/Paramount+)

Star Trek: Section 31 Has New & Familiar Faces

While Section 31 may be led by Michelle Yeoh’s character, Philippa Georgiou, the rest of the cast seems to be playing new characters—or so we thought. Variety’s article confirms that actress Kacey Rohl is playing young Rachel Garrett. Garrett’s character was introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Yesterday’s Enterprise” as the Captain of the USS Enterprise-C.  For long-time fans, this is a fantastic move. It will tell more of Garrett’s story in the Star Trek Universe.

The recently finished series of Star Trek: Picard referred to Captain Garrett. Season 3’s “The Next Generation” saw a statue of Garrett at the Starfleet Recruitment building on M’talas Prime. Sadly, it was destroyed in the episode. Actress Tricia O’Neil originally played Captain Rachel Garrett in her The Next Generation appearance.

Speaking on Star Trek: Section 31, screenwriter Craig Sweeny said the following:

“It was always my goal to deliver an entertaining experience that is true to the universe but appeals to newcomers, I wanted a low barrier of entry so that anybody could enjoy it.”

Craig Sweeny via Variety

Apparently, Section 31 is sticking to some Star Trek core values. I know that is an odd phase when we talk about Section 31. Variety’s on-set reporter confirms that classic Star Trek aliens will appear in the movie. This could be anywhere from Vulcans and Andorians to even Romulans. However, this does depend on when the movie is set. A detail we’ll talk about in a moment.

Kacey Rohl (Left) and Tricia O’Neil as Captain Rachel Garrett in Star Trek: The Next Generation (Right)

What We Know About Star Trek: Section 31

The cast of Star Trek: Section 31 is vast! Alongside Michelle Yeoh, we have Omari Hardwick (Power), Kacey Rohl (Hannibal), Sam Richardson (Ted Lasso), Sven Ruygrok (One Piece), Robert Kazinsky (Pacific Rim), Humberly Gonzalez (Ginny & Georgia) and James Hiroyuki Liao (Barry).

L to R: Omari Hardwick (credit: Warwick Saint), Kacey Rohl (credit: Kristine Cofsky), Sam Richardson
(credit: Abita Jefferson), Sven Ruygrok (credit: Justin Munitz), Robert Kazinsky (credit: Eric Blackmon),
Humberly Gonzalez (credit: Kristina Ruddick), James Hiroyuki Liao (credit: Joshua Monesson)

Actor Robert Kazinsky also recently revealed three more cast members. Paramount+ did not initially announce these people: Miku Martineau (Honor Society), Joe Pingue (The Expanse), and Augusto Bitter (EZRA). So far, we’ve only received a limited synopsis of the movie. Although the first half doesn’t give us much, this description is vague. This describes Star Trek: Section 31, a secretive agency protecting the United Federation of Planets first established in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Tasked with protecting the United Federation of Planets, Georgiou also must face the sins of her past.

Official Description of Star Trek: Section 31
Banner artwork for Star Trek: Section 31

When To Expect The Movie?

There is no hard date on when we should expect Star Trek: Section 31. We know it is expected to be released on Paramount+, the streaming service. This is because the movie is intended to be the first television film in the Star Trek franchise. In their article, Variety revealed that should the film prove successful, Michelle Yeoh says he is up for a sequel.

It’s also worth noting that franchise boss Alex Kurtzman is already eyeing more opportunities for Star Trek TV movies, including a follow-up to Star Trek: Picard. The series concluded with its third and final season, which reunited the cast of The Next Generation. However, fans are desperate for more heroic adventures. Petitions and online demand for a “Star Trek: Legacy” series grow more demanding daily.

It seems budget concerns are a big deal at the moment. Section 31 is repurposing sets from Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Kurtzman revealed to Variety that the Yeoh-led movie costs much less than you’d ever make a Star Trek movie for. We’ll need to wait and see. With the annual Star Trek fan day of “First Contact Day” taking place next week, on April 5th, it’s possible we might see a trailer for the movie. Time will tell!

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