We're seeking creative, talented, and passionate people to join our team, to work on expanding the range of content we produce. If you love Star Trek, this is the place for you. Whether you're interested in writing articles, creating videos, or hosting live streams, our crew wants you!

Trek Central is fan-run, but we have media professionals as part of our team who share their skills and experience. So not only is this a great opportunity to work with people who love the shows you love, but also gain new skills and get your work seen!

Writers 📝

Passionate for writing about the Star Trek Universe? Perhaps you have a deep knowledge of specific starships, or maybe you want to review the latest episodes! Either way, you'll find your creative outlet with us! Article & Video writing options are available!

Video Content 🎥

Video Content Creation is Trek Central's frontier! Wheather it be our in-depth explained series, or the latest video-review for the Trek Universe, we love being on camera!

Presenting / Hosting 🎬

Love talking Trek? We've got you covered! In producing a wide range of engaging content, we're always keen to work with new people to bring our words to life for the big and small screens. Livestreams, videos, podcasts, we've got it all!

Apply Below!

So you want to join our galaxy-class crew? That’s cool! ?
If you’re interested, then you should…

  • Be a BIG fan of the Star Trek Universe! ?
  • Be very knowledgeable about past and/or current Star Trek!
  • The drive to be creative!
  • Excellent time management
  • Have a desire to learn new content creation and publishing techniques!
  • BONUS – Have previous related experience in content creation


Simply email us your details, Including what type of content you are looking to create. Additionally, if you can tell us a bit about yourself, examples of any previous experience plus anything else you think we should know, that would be fantastic! ?


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