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Star Trek Renewal News – Cast & Creatives Respond


Paramount chose late Friday to deliver its Star Trek Renewal News – a new season and the ending of a beloved part of the current franchise lineup. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will officially be back for Season 4. While Star Trek: Lower Decks will end with its upcoming Fifth and Final Season. It was bittersweet news for fans and its creators alike.

Paramount giveth, and Paramount taketh away.

It Was The Best of Times…

Strange New Worlds has been immensely popular with fans and critics alike. Not to mention consistently ranked in Nielsen’s Top 10 Streaming Originals for Season 2 (the first time it was measured). That’s a great indication general viewers are loving it too. So when it came to Star Trek renewal news for this show, it’s no surprise. And once again, Strange New Worlds is renewed before the current season even airs.

Of course, while it’s fantastic Star Trek Renewal news, it was a bittersweet achievement once Lower Decks’ fate was revealed. Strange New Worlds Captain, Anson Mount, offered his condolences.

It Was The Worst of Times…

While it’s not quite the unjust blow that Star Trek: Prodigy was, it is devastating news for the Lower Deckers. Creator Mike McMahan has warned fans that the signs were there and to be vocal in their support. Paramount’s intention to end at five seasons was starting to feel inevitable as Star Trek: Discovery bows out at the end of its current season. Plus, there has been no sign of a Lower Decks Season 5 premiere date, with its usual late summer slot expected.

Surely Paramount would not cancel such a popular show? A show with a brilliant cast and creators? It’s certainly been one of the most consistent of the current slate of Trek shows. Sadly, Paramount did just that and officially announced Star Trek: Lower Decks‘ upcoming Fifth Season will also be its last. It also announced the Final Season premiere as Fall, though no specific date was given.

While Lower Decks cast and crew can be proud of its run, the news is a bitter pill to swallow:

Cast and crew have also taken to social media to express sorrow at the series ending. And also their pride in what they have all achieved over the past 5 seasons.

Other shows’ creatives also took time out to make heartfelt responses to the news of Lower Decks’ ending. Bill Wolkoff penned the Hugo Nominated crossover episode ‘Those Old Scientists‘ for SNW with Lower Decks alongside writer Kathryn Lyn.

Plus, the creators of Star Trek: Prodigy showed their support.

5 Star Trek Seasons Is The New 7 Seasons

Yet again, a modern Star Trek show is ending at 5 seasons. And yes, we won’t call it ‘cancellation’ because this isn’t a failure. It’s finance. Lower Decks can be proud of its brilliant 5 season run. While older Trek shows survived the tough world of Network Television, that is not the world Star Trek exists today. This news also makes it more than likely current and future shows will follow the trend, no matter how successful. It’s not the show’s success in question here. It’s the finances of its streaming platform.

However, while the current phase of the Star Trek Universe feels like it is ending, a new one is moving into position. Whatever our opinions on Starfleet Academy and Section 31, their production heralds the arrival of Alex Kurtzman’s ‘Phase 2’ of the Star Trek Universe. More shows, streaming movies, and blockbusters are on the way.

First Look image for Section 31 – Credit: Paramount+

Coming up in the STU

The Star Trek Universe has several new cinematic movies in development. An origin story and a possible 4th outing for the original crew in the Kelvin Universe. We’re not holding our breath on the latter, though. Plus, the Kalinda Vazquez story was pitched a few years ago. That makes three new cinematic Star Trek movies in development. Plus at least one known show – Starfleet Academy – and a teased second as yet unrevealed series in development.

Section 31 has completed its production and moved into post. It is the first Star Trek movie to go directly to streaming. If it’s a success for Paramount, more streaming movies may follow. One of those is a possible Star Trek: Picard movie or maybe even something Legacy-flavored. that could open the doors for more ‘ended’ shows to follow. So don’t count those beloved characters departing, gone forever. There are always second chances, especially if fans shout really loud about it.

Admittedly, while we’re excited for more Strange New Worlds, we’re pretty gutted to see Lower Decks go. However, one of the things Star Trek: The Next Generation taught us was that ‘all good things come to an end’. That is, of course, until someone finds a way to bring those beloved characters back for another adventure. And where there’s a will, there’s a way…

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