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The Star Trek Tricorder Becomes Real


Medical emergency in Star Trek? Quick Doctor, grab the Tricorder. We’ve all seen the medical episodes of Star Trek. It usually involves the doctor using his or her devices to diagnose how the captain is almost killed off this week. Thanks to IdentifySensors Biologics, the Star Trek Tricorder Becomes Real. Trek is well known for inspiring real-world technology, and it appears to have done it again.

Last year, we caught up with the team at Identify Sensors to check out their new tech. They had developed Check4™ -an affordable handheld device for molecular disease diagnostics, including COVID-19 (and other pathogens). Upon further inspection, it did appear like a modern-day Star Trek Tricorder. We’ve also recently caught up with Dr Gregory Hummer, the Founder & CEO of IdentifySensors. Catch our interview and discussion with him over the next few weeks.

IdentifySensors Check4 Device (Via IdentifySensors Biologics)

Technology Advancements

However, advancements have been made since we last caught up with the team. IdentifySensors Biologics has partnered with Jabil Inc. The global manufacturing solutions company will develop processes for the Check4 device. The partnership means that IdentifySensors are one step closer to the Star Trek Tricorder Becoming Real. The small portable devices, branded Check4®, consist of two main parts. A multiple-use electronic reader about the size of a cell phone. And single-use test cartridges that detect as many as four separate infections simultaneously.

Speaking about the new partnership, CEO Dr Gregory Hummer had this to say.

“We are very pleased to work with Jabil,” said Gregory Hummer, M.D., CEO and cofounder of IdentifySensors. “Jabil has the experience and bandwidth to ensure this testing platform is manufactured efficiently and effectively with the highest quality controls in the industry. They will be a great partner for us.”

Gregory Hummer M.D, CEO – IdentifySensors Biologics

IdentifySensors Biologics developed the technology in partnership with Purdue University, which helped commercialize the process. The technology and applications are secured through multiple patents. However, Can the dream of a Star Trek Medical Tricorder be brought to life? While we’ve had plenty of replicas over time, IdentifySensors seems to be making something close to the real deal. With our turbulent world, I can easily see the Check4 device becoming widely used.

Star Trek’s original Medical Tricorder prop, as used in Star Trek: The Next Generation (Via Paramount)

Why Is This Technology Significant?

You might be asking yourself, why is this news? Well, as we know from Star Trek, medical breakthroughs can change the course of human history. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time before we, as humans, do something similar. This is what IdentifySensors are doing. As they say, the COVID pandemic exposed how current pathogen detection methods can be slow and inefficient.

By moving the testing from a chemical-reaction model to a digital readout, IdentifySensors is projected to significantly disrupt the $50 billion diagnostics industry that will make most existing tests obsolete. Therefore, we’re watching as the Star Trek Tricorder Becomes Real. A big factor is the lower cost for individuals and healthcare providers. During my conversation with Doctor Hummer, we discussed how important this is.

IdentifySensors Check4 Device (Via IdentifySensors Biologics)

About IdentifySensors Biologics

IdentifySensors Biologics is a Cleveland-based pathogen-detection platform technology company focused on developing real-time pathogen detection capabilities. Additionally, the company’s technology has expanded into multiple industries and applications, such as diagnostics, food safety & sustainability, environmental monitoring and national security.

The company is currently seeking investment to make the device become a reality. Interested readers can head to the website to check out the investment overview.


Personally, I’ll never forget that moment in Star Trek: Voyager where Ensign Harry Kim hands The Doctor (Robert Picardo) the wrong Tricorder. The Doctor scolds the young Ensign by saying, “Medical Tricorder”. Instantly I was curious about what this device could do. However, looking at the Check4 device, it’s fantastic—offering us a new way to self-diagnose ourselves effectively. I’m excited for Trek Central to be working with IdentifySensors. Additionally, showing more of the device to Star Trek fans in 2023.

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