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Star Trek: Quibbles with Tribbles Review


From the good people who brought us Star Trek: The Official Starships Collections comes Quibbles with Tribbles, a stand-alone book for all wannabe Treksperts.

Now this is a treat that is hard to beat.

A new book from Hero Collector called Quibbles with Tribbles is available for purchase right now from all good retailers (and probably some not so good ones as well) with the aim of finding out if you’re a true Star Trek expert or just pretending. Hero Collector are the folks behind the subscription services ‘Star Trek: Graphic Novel Collection’ and ‘Star Trek: The Official Starships Collections’ alongside other amazing brands such as DC, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and More. Well, you may not be surprised at all seeing as we mentioned it in the lead-in.

Star Trek: Quibbles with Tribbles – which is just an amazing title by the way and could be straight out of an actual Star Trek episode – is a puzzle book written by Glenn Dakin with art by comic book artist John Ross and is part of Hero Collections ‘Nerd Search’ collection alongside another book available to order from the Ghostbusters franchise.

Quibbles with Tribbles

The concept of Quibbles with Tribbles is a simple one. A selection of amazing comic-book style double page artwork depicts scenes made famous across Star Trek: The Original Series that are filled with continuity errors with a variety of artifacts for you to hunt and find. For each inconsistency that you spot, you give yourself points; come the end of the book you total your scores and decide once and for all if you are indeed a Trekspert.

“in the 23rd century the starship Enterprise, under the command of Captain James Kirk, pursues a five-year mission to explore strange new worlds. Along the way, they encounter the Klingons, an alien race with no love of the Federation and especially no love for Kirk, who regularly obstructs their diabolical schemes.
The Klingons hatch a plan to ruin Kirk’s mission by planting a deadly device – an exploding robotic tribble – at the scene of many of his crucial assignments. Captain Kirk and his crew must hunt down the exploding tribble at each location, from planet Janus VI to Vulcan itself, to prevent cosmic catastrophe.
At the same time, to prove you are the greatest Star Trek fan ever, tackle the other puzzles on every page and keep a tally of your score.”

The Quibbles with Tribbles introduction says and to aid you with the tally keeping, a nifty scorecard is located at the start of the book, easy to tear so you can keep track at how awesome your Trek knowledge is. Scoring ranges from 0-60 all the way to the top score of… 1701.

Quibbles with Tribbles is a great, fun book that is well presented and will give fans, from both long term and hardcore to those more casual, a challenge to complete. With artwork that is just amazing and really captures the essence of the characters seen on screen, with some amazing little details thrown in – make sure you study that backdrop. This type of book is right up there alongside ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation Warped’ by Mike McMahan (of Lower Decks and Rick and Morty fame) and ‘Fun with Kirk and Spock’ by Robb Pearlman and is a delight for fans and highly recommended by Trek Central.  

You can purchase the book right now at Amazon.

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David Milburn
David Milburn
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