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New Star Trek Advent Calendars have been Assimilated…


A very special new Star Trek collectable releasing for the Holiday season from Hero Collector. A Borg Cube is heading into the Alpha Quadrant this Christmas to assimilate your Advent Calendar. Resistance is futile!

Hero Collector has been teasing new collectable releases for 2021, but we didn’t expect something quite so… festive. For the first time, Hero Collector are planning the release of themed advent calendars. Forget the waxy, cheap chocolate though, there’s something much cooler lurking behind each door.

“With detailed high-quality collectable items hiding behind each of the calendar doors, the new products have been designed to appeal to both dedicated fans from the Sci Fi and Music genres out of season plus have mass market appeal in the run up to Christmas. With a growing trend in the market for calendars that break with the traditional chocolate and sweet treat tradition, each calendar can also be used as a storage and display unit with the idea of keeping single-use packaging to a minimum. “

Via Toy News Online

Toy News magazine spoke to Ben Robinson – Head of Hero Collector at Eaglemoss – about their new line. According to the article, the Star Trek advent calendar is the shape of a classic Borg cube and will feature collectables behind each of its 24 doors.

“They’re really nicely designed and we think they’ll bring a smile to every fan’s face.”

– Ben Robinson (via Toy News Magazine)

There are no others details on the exact contents or price just yet, but we’ll update as soon as they’re available.


Another big launch for Hero Collector this year is the new Star Trek: The Next Generation Enterprise D model. It’s now shipping out to subscribers! The highly detailed, die-cast model has been painstakingly researched to meet the standards of even the most exacting fan. Once all 120 sections are complete, the full model will measure 70cm. Now that’s going to look impressive in any fan’s collection!

We’ve got a series of build videos and articles coming soon. In the meantime, you can check out all the details on the Hero Collector site and subscribe here.

Also, from Trek Central:

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