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REVIEW – Star Trek: DS9 ‘The Dog of War’ Issue #3


In a true gem of a story, this Star Trek: Deep Space Nine interquel has captured the hearts of many. And now, out today from IDW Publishing, the story reaches boiling point. In Star Trek: DS9 ‘The Dog of War’ Issue #3, the stakes have never been higher. There’s also, as always, a hell of a lot of heart behind it. If dogs are a man’s best friend, can one turn the heart of our favorite Ferengi? Let’s find out as their relationship is stretched to its limits in this month’s epic issue! As always, beware of the many spoilers below!

Star Trek: DS9 ‘The Dog of War’ Issue #3
Cover Artist: Angel Hernandez

“Attention Bajoran Workers” – The Dog Heist

That’s a phrase that lives forever in the minds of Deep Space Nine fans. It’s a nice callback to one of the series’ earliest finest hours. Over the years, it’s also made for quite the meme template. Nonetheless, seeing it used here was perfection itself. I’ve made no secret of it in my many comic reviews, I’m a sucker for a callback. Having this used as an alarm sound was amazing. It really put a smile on my face, even though I already knew what had happened. The station had been breached, and our best friend Latinum was gone.

I’ll never know why I’ve grown quite so attached to some drawings of a dog. Maybe watching Quark’s heart mellow over the past few comics has done the same to my own. Seriously, watching this previously indifferent businessman beg and plead for more time with his canine companion brought a tear to my eye. It’s rare to see Quark so desperate, his schemes often lead to hilarious exploits, but this one has actual lives on the line. Although given Latty goes without being mentioned the whole series, I’m not too hopeful.

Star Trek: DS9 ‘The Dog of War’ Issue #3

It really pains me to say it, but we probably won’t get much of a happy ending here. As much as the cliffhanger ending of Star Trek: DS9 ‘The Dog of War’ Issue #3 made me want to punch the air with excitement, and even though this crew can really pull through, I don’t know how they’re going to fare here. I’d really love to be proven wrong here, but this is a threat the crew hasn’t encountered before.

The Brokers

This story so far hasn’t involved itself as much in the Dominion War plot. It’s something I appreciate, using the golden years of the series to tell a fresh story. Here, we have a group known only as The Brokers. As of now, they don’t have much of a face to them, but they sure gave Worf hell in the docking bay. While they’re certainly not as big as The Dominion is, they’re the right size foe for the story.

I also appreciated the explanation and backstory given. Quark’s scared, which again is something I appreciate hugely. It’s one of my favorite ways of building up an antagonist without showing them. I also loved showing off some of the rarities, which included a plethora of visual nods to props from Trek‘s past. It’s primarily stuff from The Original Series, and there’s nothing crazy there, but it’s a cool feature nonetheless. It also worked the Borg Interface into the plot, which was previously just the b-plot. Really well written.

What would Star Trek be without a bit of political commentary? DS9, especially when it told war stories, did it brilliantly. This is no exception, and slots right in there are among the best. However, this is a topic rarely broached by the franchise – animal rights activism. Bringing in Betazoid characters leading the charge, driven by empathy for these creatures, is what really brings it home. As someone who loves their Trek being political, this felt poignant, relevant, moving, and inspiring. This is what I’m really most excited about.

Star Trek: DS9 ‘The Dog of War’ Issue #3
Cover Artist: Liana Kangas

To the Rescue

I’ve mentioned I’m not too hopeful for a happy ending. That being said, damned if I’m not going to eagerly watch this crew try for one. Watching them go to all these lengths for a dog (and also a Borg interface device, but we all know which is more important) feels so real. They said it at the start of Star Trek: DS9 ‘The Dog of War’ Issue #3 – the dog is family, and the station is his home. Watching them play with Latty, potentially for the last time, was as fun as always. Quark’s video chat at the end also got a laugh out of me with a joke about Morn of all people.

I know comics are only words, but the end of this really feels like it’s written for Sisko. Hearing Avery Brooks’ voice rattling around in my head as our favorite Captain gets himself assigned to a rescue/recovery mission was so intense. As obvious as his real motivations are, he actually sells it really well with the whole device spiel. It’s as if its whole inclusion in the story came down entirely to this moment. It worked.

Regardless, the mission is Sisko’s. The Defiant is readied, and our crew of Worf, Kira, Sisko, Bashir, O’Brien, Jadzia, and even Nog are at the helm. It’s the first time I’ve seen all these characters together in a new story in a long long time. It made for a really magical moment seeing them all lined up. On the bridge, they depart the station, set a course for the dog’s tracker, and are ready to save their dog. To be continued. That’s an exciting cliffhanger right there. It’s a refreshing break from seeing characters in peril in some comics.

Issue Preview


I’m really excited to see where this comic ends up. It’s only 5 issues, so we’re a little over the halfway point. Things are getting serious, and before long this story will be coming to an end. I don’t know how prepared I am for this ending, but I really look forward to covering it. DS9 is a really special show for me, so this has been both a treat and an honor. Until next time…

You can find Star Trek: DS9 ‘The Dog of War’ Issue #3 in all good comic book stores. It’s also available on Amazon and IDW Publishing’s website. For reviews, news coverage, and generally geeking out about all things Star Trek, be sure to follow Trek Central!

Issue Credits:

Writer: Mike Chen
Art: Angel Hernandez
Colors: Nick Filardi
Letters & Design: Neil Uyetake

Cover Artist: Adrian Bonilla
Andy Price

Star Trek: DS9 – ‘The Dogs of War’ Issue #4

Cover Artist: Angel Hernandez
Mali Ware
Andy Price

In the next issue: Captain Benjamin Sisko leads a stealth mission to recover the station’s beloved puppy, Latinum, and the missing Borg interface. But what he and his crew discover aboard the enemy craft has the potential to arm the Dominion with an alarming power over the Federation in an already costly war.

Release Date: July 5, 2023

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