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Hero Collector Teases New Range of Star Trek Universe Starships


Our first glimpse at the future Star Trek: Discovery starships to feature in Hero Collectors Star Trek Universe Starships line has been shared online.

If you have not yet decided to embark on the ambitious and costly adventure of building your own U.S.S Enterprise – D, then you can spend your hard-earned credits on a fleet of smaller starship models that will transform your shelf into a miniature Utopia Planitia. Hero Collector has just teased a new selection of collectable die-cast starships in their ever-expanding collection. These hand-painted, die-cast starship models replicate iconic ships from the modern Star Trek shows. If you ever wanted to own the 32nd-century U.S.S Discovery – A with detached nacelles, soon you will have that opportunity.

The pamphlet sent to subscribers reveals our first good look at the futuristic Starfleet starships seen in the Star Trek: Discovery third season. Besides the better look into their unconventional design, we also got the opportunity to see their names. The already known U.S.S Voyager – J is here, accompanied by the seed ship Tikhov. The collection will include more obscure ships like the C-shaped U.S.S Dresselhaus and four-nacelled U.S.S Curie. The text also promises mysterious U.S.S Excalibur, of unknown design. The promo also includes Booker’s ship (which sadly cannot morph) and Section 31 Deimos class, seen in the Discovery second season.

Star Trek Universe Starships

The highlight of the collection is undoubtedly the show’s star, U.S.S Discovery – A, a refit sporting the iconic detached nacelles. How the Hero Collector wizards would achieve that on the die-cast model, it remains to be seen.

The Discovery line will follow the Star Trek: Picard starships launching this April. The collection will open with La Sirena, the hero ship of the show. Rios’ ship is to be followed by U.S.S Zheng He, an Inquiry-class starship, seen in the final episode of the Picard first season. The other models from the first wave are Romulan Bird-of-Prey, a retro callback to the classic TOS Romulan design; Fenris Ranger Ship, a small one-seater piloted by Seven of Nine; Narek’s Snakehead, and a Romulan Bomber Warbird. The pamphlet also shows a Starfleet Tug, destroyed during the attack on Mars, and two Romulan warships seen in the series.

Star Trek Universe Starships

Each of the Star Trek Universe Starships, priced around $55 (£35, 50 €) is accompanied by a magazine, which covers a wide range of information on the ship, from ship specs, behind the scene info, and insight into a design process. No release date for the Discovery line is given, but it can be assumed that it will follow the Picard collection. The starships can be purchased as part of an ongoing subscription or individually through online and local retailers along with Eaglemoss directly.

La Sirena from the Star Trek Universe Starships collection is already available for pre-order, so if you wanted to enjoy her sleek aerodynamic look, you will have this opportunity next month.

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