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Star Trek: Resurgence Issue #4 Review


Well, we’re still waiting for a video game release. Star Trek: Resurgence is due out later this year. However, in the meantime, we’ve got the comic series from IDW Publishing setting up the backstory for the new Star Trek game. The prequel is introducing us to the ship and the crew. We’ve already had the first three issues, but how is Issue #4?

Just like last issue, the host of Variant covers for this issue is amazing. With my particular favorite being the art from Angel Hernandez. Truly poster worthy and giving our villain of Hektar that looming evil presence he rightfully deserves!

Star Trek: Resurgence Issue #4 is available via Amazon.com

Star Trek: Resurgence Issue #4 Variant Cover by Angel Hernandez (Via IDW Publishing)

Captain and First Officer Issues

We’ve known since the beginning of this series that the First Officer aboard the U.S.S. Resolute is not the same in the game. So we have been wondering how this might change between this prequel story and the events of the game. Could a fallout between Captain and First Officer be why a new First Officer appears in Star Trek: Resurgence?

Last issue we saw Commander Sutherland getting a plan together, behind the captains back, to get the Talarians off the ship. We see the fallout between Captain and First officer of this decision. Both see it very differently, Captain Solano sees it as going behind his back and not supporting him. While Commander Sutherland sees it as having his back and doing what is necessary.

Solano reprimanding Sutherland – Star Trek: Resurgence Issue #4 (Via IDW Publishing)

Talarian Conflict

The last two issues have had a key light shone on Jono Endar, originally from The Next Generation. We see even more of this conflict between the Human Talarian Captain, and Commandant Hektar. Commandant Hektar, as we have seen previously, is savage in pursuing the Resolute.

However it looks like Jono Endar seems to help the Resolute escape, getting between Hektar’s ship and the Resolute. But also still being Talarian and pursuing the Resolute, though hoping they find it first instead of Hektar. Jono also sees the larger picture, not wanting this to lead to war with the Federation.

Resolute pursued by Talarian Ships – Star Trek: Resurgence Issue #4 (Via IDW Publishing)

Leah Brahms

Leah Brahm’s has been an interesting addition to this comic series. I really do like where they have taken this character. Still being at the forefront of starship propulsion, but feeling constrained by the Federation. Going to the Talarian’s to make this new warp engine, but making the most out of any situation she is in.

We see Leah in her element. Fixing warp core components just like that. Wanting to make this new engine work, and it does… for a time. After the new warp core destabilises, the ship is left powerless, with Talarian pursuers tracking their warp trail.

Leah Brahms – Star Trek: Resurgence Issue #4 (Via IDW Publishing)


The character art in this issue was especially good, most notably with Commandant Hektar. A character with half a face burned off is already a cool design, but his facial expressions go the extra step in selling how far Hektar will go. I do however wish that we get some more Hektar next issue. He mostly just appears, gets angry, and then leaves again. I want to hate this villain more, so give him something more to do.

Overall, this was a great issue that pushes the story further and ends us up in an interesting place. The Resolute is damaged and unable to move. Not even able to send a signal to Starfleet. How will they get out of this one? We see Sutherland and another Starfleet officer talking about getting their own command, before being caught in a plasma explosion. Is this how Commander Sutherland makes way for the new First Officer in the game?

The Final issue, Issue #5 of IDW Publishing’s Star Trek: Resurgence will be out in March 2023.

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