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NEW SERIES – Sons of Star Trek


The Star Trek comic universe grows with the New Series Sons of Star Trek, starting today from IDW Publishing. The series expands on the initiative that began with the 2022 Star Trek series, which also spun off into Star Trek: Defiant. Unlike those, however, this isn’t an ongoing series. Sons of Star Trek begins its miniseries, limited to four issues. It’s nice to have a smaller story feeding into a wider universe.

Making it better, this is written by Morgan Hampton, who just finished a phenomenal run on Cyborg for DC Comics. I think there’s real potential for this to be a similarly powerful story. Again there’s an emphasis on sons, fathers, and legacy. There’s plenty of emotional baggage after the Day of Blood story event, loads of characters to give the spotlight to, and a whole alternate reality to explore. Let’s delve into the latest IDW Star Trek offering in this review of Sons of Star Trek #1!

SPOILER WARNING – This review will contain full spoilers. There are some cool surprises you definitely don’t want ruined, so turn away now if you’ve not read it!

Like Father, Like Son

Cover Artist: Jake Bartok

This series stars Jake Sisko, Nog, Worf’s son Alexander, and features a villainous turn from Q Junior. These are all these characters that exist in the shadow of their parents. Making them the center of their own story is an interesting take. The use of Alexander after his time in Kahless’ Red Path cult is a great way to delve into his mindset. Understanding what led to someone being so radicalized is key to stopping it from happening to someone else. This is something that Jake understands as well, intending to interview him as a journalist.

Jake shifting to journalism is a career detour from his time as a fiction writer which we saw through Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He justifies this as his world is already full of the impossible and fantastical. Art, however, as Ben Sisko so well puts is as important to Starfleet as a captain. Hopefully Jake’s able to find some inspiration through this series, tell his own story, and forge his own path independent of his father’s position as the Emissary.

I think it’s particularly notable that outside of Ben, none of the other fathers are actually up in this issue. The story forces these characters to exist independently, without the influence of their parents. They’re all figuring out their places in the galaxy, and they’re doing it together. Even the vaguely antagonistic Q Junior is unsure of himself, probably trying to impress his father. However, he shows up for more than a conversation, dragging the characters into a whole new world.

Alternate Universe

Cover Artist: Hayden Sherman

One of the big draws of this series is the move to an alternate universe. As a creation of Q Junior, it’s bound to be madness. The Federation’s at war with the Breen, Dukat’s in Starfleet, Tuvix is alive, and Morn’s in uniform. It’s a very different take on the universe we know and love. There’s a sense of defamiliarization with the characters watching this strange world unfold around them. While we learn very little, I hope the use of characters like Dukat leads to something more than the shock value of him turning up.

Actual Starfleet officers we’re familiar with occupy this ship as well. For instance, Beckett Mariner from Star Trek: Lower Decks, seems to be the character guiding the characters through this universe. Liam Shaw from Star Trek: Picard is also around, albeit substantially younger. It’s nice to see characters from the current series, especially since these comics tend to be a nostalgia trip for fans of the 90s Star Trek shows. Hopefully, this is something the series is able to keep up.

This universe is more than a universe, though. Q Junior has already reset it once, dragging the characters back in time to where they started. At first glance, this appears to be a trial, or a game being led by an all-powerful god. It’s not quite clear what Q’s motives are, but he’s just as powerful and mysterious as his father. The use of an alternate universe as well as a time trick makes this really stand out from everything that’s come before, so I’m definitely excited by this opening issue.

Issue Preview


Sons of Star Trek #1 is a great introduction to this series. It wastes no time diving into the story. Jake’s motivations feel very real, trapped as a creative in a world full of the impossible. I’m not sure how this wraps up, or what lesson Q Junior is trying to impart, but there’s more than enough intrigue to keep me coming back for next month. This alternate reality trial is full of surprises and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Jake, Nog, and Alexander.

These are also inspired choices to lead a series. All of these characters exist within the shadow of their father, so having them step out into the spotlight feels long overdue. In a way, the same goes for Q Junior, who’s perhaps trying to forge his own legacy. The Sisko family however has a unique relationship with the Q Continuum, which leads to a really interesting dynamic between Jake and QJ. Although, I hope Jake’s able to find a different solution for his father.

You can pick up your own copy of Sons of Star Trek #1, which is out now from IDW Publishing. It’s available to order both physically and digitally from online retailers such as Amazon, as well as IDW’s own website. You can also find it out on the shelves of all good comic book stores. For more reviews, all the latest Star Trek news, lore discussions, and more be sure to follow the team here at Trek Central.

Issue Credits

Cover Artists: Andy Price
Liana Kangas

Writer: Morgan Hampton
Artist: Angel Hernandez
Colorist: Nick Filardi
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Design & Production: Neil Uyetake
Group Editor: Heather Antos
Editorial Assistant: Vanessa Real

In the next issue…

Cover Artists: Jake Bartok
Megan Levens
Andy Price

Issue #2: Jake, Nog, and Alexander find themselves stuck in a never-ending loop of being blown to smithereens aboard the U.S.S. Avery and then revived by Q Jr.—who insists he’s helping them learn some lesson unbeknownst to them. Amid the attack from the Breen, the Avery crew and their strong-willed, bureaucratic captain, Skrain Dukat, refuse to listen to the trio’s musings about an alternate universe. Left with no other choice, they are forced to begrudgingly work together and attempt to step into their Starfleet roles in hopes of helping the Federation ship survive the attack and return home…or be stuck in this alternate reality forever!

Release Date: May 1, 2024

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