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Home News Kalinda Vazquez to Write New Star Trek Movie

Kalinda Vazquez to Write New Star Trek Movie

Paramount Pictures has tasked Star Trek: Discovery writer Kalinda Vazquez to pen a new Star Trek movie to be produced by JJ Abrams Bad Robot.

Deadline today have reported the news that Star Trek: Discovery Consulting Producer Kalinda Vazquez who also has two writing credits under her belt which include the Star Trek: Short Trek ‘Ask Not’ and the Discovery season three episode ‘Terra Firma Part 2’, has been tasked with writing a new entry in the Star Trek movie franchise.

There have been numerous rumours surrounding the next instalment of Star Trek on the big screen over the past couple of years. From Quentin Tarantino’s gangster planet concept to Noah Hawley’s idea which allegedly followed a plotline that mirrored real life a little too close, dealing as it did, with a potential pandemic. The one that gained the most traction was of course the 4th in the Kelvin Timeline series which would have seen Chris Hemsworth return as Kirks father. This too looks likely to never see the day of light.

Kalinda Vazquez (L) who was named after Barbara Bouchets character in the 1968 episode ‘By Any Other Name’

However, a new chapter in the on-screen adventures set in the Star Trek universe now seems to be coming to fruition. At present nothing is known about Kalinda Vazquez’s concept or if it will take place in the Kelvin Timeline or not. Seeing as it is being produced by JJ Abrams Bad Robot, there is that possibility. There was talk of a film set in the Star Trek: Discovery part of the universe and given that Kalinda Vazquez has plied her trade in that area of the franchise, there could be a good chance that this film is based on that property. Deadline is also reporting that the film is based on an original concept that Vazquez has hatched so it will not be a rehash of any other previous pitches.  

Kalinda Vazquez on IMDB

We will keep an eye on any developments in this story so stay tuned to Trek Central.

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