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Hero Collector Starships Collection May Preview.

The Starship collection from Hero Collector continues to build and we have our monthly preview of the latest releases coming from the Star Trek: Online and Star Trek: Picard lines.

First up we have the 3rd release from the Star Trek: Picard release slate with issues 1 and 2 initially previewed back in January. In the latest issue to be released at the back end of May, Hero Collector brings us a classic Romulan vessel in the shape of the old school Romulan Bird of Prey, made famous in the Original Series but brought back for Star Trek: Picard and seen in the episode ‘Absolute Candor’.

An antique Romulan starship owned by the warlord Kar Kantar, this Bird-of-Prey terrorized shipping throughout the Qiris Sector. A retro callback to the classic Romulan designs of the Original Series, this Bird-of-Prey met its end when it attacked La Sirena with Jean-Luc Picard aboard.

Also in May, we can expect to see issue 14 of the Star Trek: Online series from Hero Collector. You can check out our previews of issues 12 and 13. Issue 14 brings us the USS Shran, which was part of the attack force led by the USS Shenzhou at the Battle of the Binary Stars.

An versatile starship available to Starfleet players in Star Trek Online, the Shran-Class Light Pilot Escort was designed to meet a variety of wartime requests, from cost efficiency to flexibility to sheer firepower. After a variety of prototypes, the completed ship evolved into a successor to the Magee-class – built to the modern standards of the 25th century.

Both issues will be available at the end of May from the Hero Collector website. https://www.herocollector.com

While you wait you can check out our interview with head of Hero Collector Ben Robinson as he discusses upcoming releases and what happens behind the scene at Hero Collector HQ:

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