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Book Review: Star Trek Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium

From Hero Collector and author Glenn Dakin comes ‘Star Trek: Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium’.

Work in Starfleet is hard. Yes, there are fancy First contacts, but there are Second contacts too. The starships are crewed by diplomats and explorers, but someone should clean the floor of the hangar or repair the shuttle. Also, there is paperwork to be filled. It is not surprising that Starfleet officers eagerly spend their free time in the Ten Forward, at Quark’s, or the K-7 Station Bar. And while you cannot join the Starfleet (frustrating, I know), you can at least enjoy the atmosphere and drinks. Yes, you read it correctly. With ‘Star Trek Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium’ you too can mix your own 24th century-inspired cocktail and enjoy your favourite show in a style. Published by Hero Collector (who provided the review copy), this coffee table book is an ideal way to enjoy some much-needed cheer and to spread friendship and goodwill, even if you are not in Starfleet.

Star Trek is a vision of an ideal, utopian world. A place without prejudice, poverty, inequality, and money. However, Gene Rodenberry knew that this future would be quite bland without quality drinks. The very first episode “The Cage” features a Martini, prescribed to captain Pike by Dr. Boyce. “Sometimes,” he says, “a man’ll tell his bartender things he’ll never tell his doctor.” The book authors share the same idea. The writer Glenn Dakin is joined by two mixologists, Simon Pellet and Adrian Calderbank, who curated 40 Star Trek-themed drinks for all occasions. And most importantly, for your pleasure.

Star Trek Cocktails

So, let me take you for the interstellar journey into a Star Trek liquid universe. After a short introduction reminds us of the importance of alcohol in both the show and movies, the away mission takes us through eight themed sections, devoted to different categories of quality imbibing: “First Contact”, “Shore Leave”, “Holodeck Honeymoon,” “Journey To Babel,” “Neelix’s Celebration Cocktails,” “Emergency Medical Cocktails,” “From Vic Fontaine With Love,” and “Risan Sunset” (aperitifs, cocktails, romantic drinks, entertaining, party drinks, relaxation, drinks for lonely nights and drinks for after-hours). There is a bonus offering featuring an Enterprise-themed cocktail, which you can get if you scan a QR code on the book cover.

I will not spoil too much, as I am aware that we are all explorers. We will start with drinks seen in the show, like the iconic Samarian Sunset from the TNG, a drink that famously changes colour (now you can do the same). If you want something stronger, then get ready for Warp Core Breach (which is not as dangerous as it sounds), famously served by Quark. Or you can live dangerously and make your own Romulan Ale. Just be mindful of the Federation authorities. It is not forbidden without a reason.

The iconic drinks are nicely complemented by the authors’ own creations, intended for every occasion in life. Do you feel the burden of command, or are you just contemplating in your yard, and need something soothing? Earl Grey Martini is made just for you. Maybe you are feeling adventurous, want to meet new friends, or discover a new place? Enjoy in Live Long and Prosper. Do you want the greatest cocktail ever made? Chekov Uncle Vanya is the answer. It is a warm summer day and you need something cold and chilly? Take Ice Planet. Or you are a hopeless romantic. Q-Pid is the solution. Or if you are in the minds, not only hearts, Mind-Meld. To Bibble with Tribbles is a perfect choice for those who feel mischievous. And for those in search of their own coffee nebula, Captain’s Janeway Irish Coffee. If you are a party person, get some Sisko’s Sazerac. And when the party is winding up, and you need that the mellowing effect, take some McCoy’s Mint Julep. If you are a lonely and more secretive type, White Romulan might be for you. If you feel abandoned and vengeful the answer is The Grog of Khan. At the end of the day, after hard work, or a long walk, you can relax with The Sherry on the Edge of Forever.

Those are just a few of many cocktails contained within the pages of this neat book that would look nice on your bookshelf. But not for long, as this is a book to be opened and enjoyed. It is also a beautiful book. Each recipe is accompanied by colourful illustrations and witty descriptions of how and why we should drink the theme. Each section contains an in-universe joke to tell your friends while you are enjoying the libations. The authors are mindful of all fans, as each Star Trek era is represented in ‘Star Trek: Cocktails’, from The Original Series to the Star Trek: Discovery. Like the show, the book is also celebrating diversity. The drinks are named after human and alien characters, and they cover a variety of locations, from Earth to Risa.

‘Star Trek Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium’ is an unusual but welcome contribution to the franchise. For years, the fans were making their own cocktails, and now there is an official book. Many ingredients you probably already have on your shelves or in the drink cabinet. Now you can put them to good use, select your favourite episode or a movie, and venture where you have not gone before.  And once this sorry situation is over, invite your friends and amaze them with your prowess.

Do not forget, drink responsibly.

‘Star Trek Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium’ is available to purchase now.

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