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REVIEW: Strange New Worlds ‘The Scorpius Run’ #3

Are you looking for something to tie you over after the end of Strange New Worlds Season 2? Well, IDW’s latest offering has got you covered with Strange New Worlds ‘The Scorpius Run’ #3! The story follows the USS Enterprise exploring deadly, unknown regions of space. So far, it’s been nothing but solid, showing us some truly out-there aliens and threats. The “race” model of the series also means that it moves at a breakneck pace.

It’s most definitely a wild ride! But will it continue? How will the Enterprise beat Zephyx at his own game? What will become of our new alien friends? And what dastardly tricks does Zephyx have up his sleeve this time? All of this and more in this review of the latest Strange New Worlds adventures. Hit it!

WARNING Some spoiler discussion below for Strange New Worlds: The Scorpius Run #3.

The Crew Separated

Strange New Worlds ‘The Scorpius Run’ #3 – Cover Artist: Angel Hernandez

The real gimmick of The Scorpius Run as a series has been in isolating the characters. In particular, both Number One and Spock have been taken to some of the other ships. However, there’s more to it than just seeing the internal workings of alien ships firsthand. Characters are defined through their actions, seeing the decisions they make in desperation and isolation are the core of who they are.

Number One in particular is phenomenal. Her character on the actual show is really well done too, but her exchange with Corsok on survival and fear is great. This scene works on multiple levels. Not only is the character work phenomenal, but it helps to build up the threat that Zephyx poses. Without showing us the tortured wastelands of Corsok’s planet, we’re forced to imagine it. As far as I’m concerned, that makes it much more threatening.

Spock’s location cleverly ties in to his Vulcan telepathic abilities and emotional depth. He’s put on an alien ship and forced to basically become one with it. Seeing him grapple with fighting his friends was quite the sight, putting his loyalty to Starfleet at the forefront. I’m not quite sure how this wraps up, but the finale definitely creates some massive stakes! Best of it is, the Enterprise and all the other ships in this race have never looked better. The art style on show here is genuinely gorgeous.

Changing the Game

Strange New Worlds ‘The Scorpius Run’ #3 – Cover Artist:

Back aboard the Enterprise, things aren’t going swimmingly either. Pike gets some great Captain moments here, including leading a big meeting of all the senior officers. It feels as if Pelia gets more to do in this issue than most of the whole second season of Strange New Worlds. She’s such a great character, and is translated really well. I hope that between the rest of this comic and the upcoming Season 3 are able to flesh out characters like that even more, a real advantage of expanded media.

The new characters like Aisla actually get a lot to do as well. There’s a nice twist about who they’re working for that I find quite appealing. This issue does mark the middle of the series, so a bit of a major plot turn or twist is probably to be expected. The one here raises serious questions about Zephyx’s motivations and feelings around the Enterprise. There’s a good chance that there’s more going on than meets the eye, posing a real existential threat to the Enterprise.

The earlier parts of the series gave us the impression that this was random. However, Zephyr is planning to sabotage the Enterprise for some reason. Perhaps he’s scared or intimidated? Or maybe there’s something bigger happening in the background? It really feels like this is building to something crazy. This issue really goes out with a bang, and I can’t wait for the next one.

Strange New Worlds ‘The Scorpius Run’ #3 Preview


I really can’t wait for the next month. The Enterprise is in danger, and the senior officers couldn’t be in more trouble. With the art better than ever and more realistic than ever, these upcoming battles are bound to look epic. While we know that the Enterprise and the crew survive, just how they’re going to get their way out is a totally mystery. I’ve genuinely fallen in love with the series here, really looking forward to what lays ahead in December!

You can pick uproar own ops of Strange New Worlds – The Scorpius Run #3 out now in all good comic book stores. It’s also available to order both physically and digitally from IDW’s website. For more reviews, news, lore, and all other Star Trek discussions be sure to follow Trek Central!

Issue Credits

Writers: Mike Johnson & Ryan Parrott
Artist: Angel Hernandez
Colorist: Nick Filardi
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Group Editor: Heather Antos
Editorial Assistant: Vanessa Real
Design & Production: Neil Uyetake
Story Consultant: Kirsten Beyer

In the next issue…

Issue #4: As the Enterprise blitzes into the last leg of Zephyx’s space race from hell, the crew is confronted with a betrayal from within! The ship’s controls have been locked, and with Spock still separated from the crew, the crushing pressure of nearby stars, and Zephyx’s efforts to throw the ship off course, can Captain Pike ignore visions of impending doom long enough to see his crew to the finish line?

Release Date: December 2, 2023

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