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Home News NEW: Strange New Worlds – Scotty is on board for Season 3!

NEW: Strange New Worlds – Scotty is on board for Season 3!

Montgomery Scott, Star Trek‘s most fabled engineer, has returned to the franchise! Martin Quinn stepped into the engineer’s shoes, debuting in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘ Season 2 finale ‘Hegemony‘. While we all figured he’d be back for more, Quinn has officially confirmed to BBC Scotland that Scotty is on board for Strange New Worlds Season 3! And for the first time in Trek’s 60-year history, Quinn is the first genuine Scot in the role!

Martin Quinn as Scotty in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Photo Credit: Michael Gibson/Paramount+

A Proud Scot

Captain Kirk and Mr Spock have for decades been the OG poster characters for all things Star Trek in popular culture. But when you think of some of Trek‘s most famous catchphrases, they might have a distinctly Scottish appeal. ‘Beam Me Up, Scotty!’ never quite said on screen but has been synonymous with the franchise for generations. “I cannae change the laws of physics!”, and “I’m giving ‘er all she’s got Captain”, two lines often repeated by fans in affectionately bad Scottish accents.

So those engineer’s boots are some big shoes to fill for his latest incarnation.

Photo Credit: Michael Gibson/Paramount+

And for the first time in Star Trek‘s almost 60-year history, its famous engineering whiz and proud Scotsman Montgomery Scott is being played by an actor born and raised there. Beloved Canadian actor James Doohan first brought the role to life in Star Trek: The Original Series, followed by Englishman Simon Pegg in Star Trek (2009). Now Martin Quinn, who hails from Paisley, Scotland, has stepped into the role.

After his first appearance surprised and delighted fans with the familiar brogue. Quinn has now confirmed Scotty is on board for Season 3 via a new BBC interview with Jamie Russell. The role is recurring, much as Bruce Horaks (Hemmer) and Carol Kanes (Pelia) have been. So we might not see him in every episode, but we will finally learn more about the character.

This news is not a massive surprise for fans who follow social media. The actor has been spotted out with castmates in Toronto. Plus, series co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman has not been shy about dropping some heavy hints. And the actor couldn’t be prouder, telling the BBC he hopes even more Scottish people will watch Star Trek now that they have cast a real Scot.

Video Credit: BBC Scotland

“It’s the power of representation isn’t it? I was always into Star Wars because Ewan McGregor was there. It’s because there was a Scottish guy in Star Wars…. Even though he was doing an English accent, I was like ‘that’s so cool, he’s from here and he’s in Hollywood’.”

Martin Quinn – BBC Scotland

New Star Trek Roots?

Now that Scotty is on board for Season 3, what about his backstory? Near Edinburgh, Scotland, Linlithgow has long claimed Montgomery Scott as one of its most famous fictional sons. However, besides being in Scotland, the engineer’s birthplace has never been established on screen. Plus, he’s getting a genuine Scottish accent upgrade!

Quinn noted that original Scotty actor James Doohan based the character’s accent off some Aberdonian he had heard. Memory Alpha also notes that Scotty referred to himself as an “Aberdeen pub crawler” in Star Trek: The Original Series episode Wolf in the Fold. Linlithgow made its claim thanks to DC Fontana’s ‘Vulcan Glory’ novel, but as we all know, it’s not canon until it’s been on screen.

“We are rebranding him, he’s from Paisley now.”

Martin Quinn – Via BBC Scotland

Scotty finally getting some long-missing, canonized backstory, much as the first two seasons did for fellow TOS character Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) is great news. And Strange New Worlds‘ newest cast member, Martin Quinn, is lending his roots to the character. Paisley, near Glasgow in Scotland, is the place. And Quinn shares his birthplace with an ever-growing list of actors playing beloved characters in sci-fi. To name just two, Doctor Who’s David Tennant and Stargate Atlantis’ Paul McGillion (Dr Carson Beckett)!

Strange New Worlds Season 3

So Scotty is on board for Season 3, which is currently shooting its final few episodes of the season in Toronto. Filming is due to wrap at the end of May, and Paramount is currently slating its release for 2025. That’s a long time to wait for fans eager to see more!

And it’s certain to be another theme-hoping season, with 10 new episodic adventures. Jonathan Frakes’ has already directed what he tells Variety is “the best episode of television I’ve ever done”.That is set to be a Hollywood murder mystery. Plus Akiva Goldsman had a cheeky tease with suggestions of “muppets”, and “black and white, silent, slapstick”. Honestly, with SNW anything could happen!

Whatever they come up with, we’re hoping this season takes us to plenty of Strange New Worlds and gives us more thought-provoking and fun adventures for its characters, new and old. And, of course, we’re excited to see Montgomery Scott find a home on his beloved USS Enterprise (no bloody A, B, C, or D!).

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