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NEW Star Trek: Prodigy Trailer Breakdown!

Yesterday (Stardate 021222.0), an eagle-eyed fan spotted a new Star Trek: Prodigy trailer on the Nick channel. It gave us a sneak peek at the upcoming batch of episodes. However, as episode 16 has aired, this breakdown focuses on the content from the upcoming episodes. “Ghost in The Machine” is Episode 17, coming later this week. Additionally, episode 18 is titled “Mindwalk”. Therefore leaving the season finale as a two-parter titled “Supernova“.

If you haven’t guessed, consider yourself duly warned that SPOILERS LAY AHEAD. Click to enlarge pictures. However, please note these are low-resolution due to the nature of the trailer. If an HD trailer is released, we’ll update this article.

The Nickelodeon Star Trek Prodigy splash card

Particle Fountains & Pirates

The trailer starts with Janeway’s voiceover from the just aired Episode 16 Preludes. She states her realisation that these aren’t savages as everybody’s least favourite Denobulan Barniss Frex alleged. But kids that are in way over their heads.

While this voiceover, along with Janeway puzzling over why the Protostar crew aren’t answering hails, is going on, we see our first glimpses at new content. The Protostar flies into what looks like the Particle Fountain from VOY: Alice—followed by a few shots of our crew in new locations.

We then see a conflict that takes place on a Pirate Ship. I would guess from this somewhat bizarre setting for a Trek episode that this is from “Ghost in the machine“. We then see a rather cute yet terrifying Octopus/Kraken-looking alien attacking our crew and picking up Jankom Pog. Look at the new Star Trek: Prodigy Trailer stills below in this article.

Outstretched Arms & Welcome Parties

We then see what is either a dream sequence (given Janeway’s smile), or Protostar’s ingenious solution to the Living Construct dilemma. Therefore, we see Janeway in an EV suit, arm outstretched, trying to grab Dal.

Before seeing whether they make contact, we cut to another sequence that will delight any 90s Trek fan. The Dauntless fires on the Protostar, causing it to drop out of warp. We get a pull-out shot of our Proto-crew as Dal says, ‘and that’s what heck of a welcome party. The welcome party? A fleet of Sovereign, Centaur, Akira and Defiant class ships.

Murf Takes Charge In The Battle For The Bridge

The new Star Trek: Prodigy Trailer then cuts to a few sequences from Preludes, including the Solum flashback of the Protostar departure. Intercut with the Rokh vs Hero fight and some new content. We see Ensign Ascencia, recently revealed as The Vindicator standing with The Diviner on the Protostar bridge facing down the Dauntless. This seems to be from a different sequence than the just-seen fleet. The Dauntless is ahead, not behind the Protostar, and fewer ships are seen.

We also see a (literal) throwdown on the Protostar with Jankom Pog being thrown by Dreadnok. Murf jumping on Dreadnok (10/10 Security officer tactics, we needed to see Worf and Tuvok jump on more intruders). Then an heirloom battle between Gwyn and The Vindicator.

Centaurs & Sovereigns

We then hear Dal say, ‘They may be many, but we’re fast”, as we return to the welcome party fleet sequence. In the shots here, we manage to glimpse a couple of registries. The USS Centaur, last seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “A Time to Stand”, is spotted and the first canon appearance of the USS Sovereign.

Michael Okuda suggested that the Sovereign should have a registry range of around NX/NCC 75000. However, In this trailer, we can make out 3811. This would make it the first ship to make the jump from game to screen. This is because that registry is sourced from the famous Star Trek PC Game Bridge Commander. I wonder if DeSoto is in command…

Wrapping Up

From what we’ve seen from this new Star Trek: Prodigy Trailer, it certainly looks like we will be getting a blockbuster finale and a riveting end to the first season. Therefore, we look forward to seeing what Aaron Waltke and his team have in store! Star Trek: Prodigy episodes air via Paramount+ on Thursdays and stream on Nickelodeon in other countries.

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