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REVIEW – Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – The Scorpius Run #4

The adventures of Captain Pike’s USS Enterprise continue in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – The Scorpius Run #4 out now from IDW Publishing! Aisla, who was brought onto the ship at the start of Zephyx’s race has taken control of the ship. Pike is helpless as his ship is pushing its way through a lightning storm, with the fate of the whole crew in the balance.

Can Captain Pike take back control of his ship? Can Zephyx, the leader of the elusive Scorpius region of space, be defeated once and for all? Will Aisla face any sort of consequence for their actions? Read on to find out!

WARNINGSome spoiler discussion below.

Logic for the Illogical

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – The Scorpius Run #4 – Cover Artist: Angel Hernandez

Spock’s trapped aboard the Uvix ship, in a perfect coincidence. The ship operates telepathically, so it really wouldn’t have fit anyone else aboard the Enterprise jumping over. With all the standard abilities of a Vulcan, he’s managed to have quite a big impact on the ship. Watching his mind meld with the ship to properly take charge was breathtaking. It’s always nice to have a moment when Spock, who too often plays second to the Captain, takes charge.

There’s a bit where he talks about the need for compassion, empathy, and mercy. While these are things that the Uvix supposedly live for, their participation in the race is at odds with this. Calling out hypocrisy and trying to live in harmony is something that Star Trek as a franchise excels at. The Uvix, the species to whom the criticism is targeted, aren’t even the villains. The franchise is just that good at doing a little call-out.

Their ship is almost a little too powerful, effortlessly absorbing the power of a phaser bank and a torpedo. Surely these abilities are going to come in handy in beating Zephyx’s game in the next issue. However, they’re now among the most powerful species in the galaxy, with highly advanced technology. A telepathically controlled ship is also a fundamentally cool idea, so I hope that this isn’t the last that we see of them.

Sitting in a Tin Can

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – The Scorpius Run #4 – Cover Artist Hayden Sherman

Back on the Enterprise, things really aren’t all that much better. Pike’s not in control, with guest star Aisla taking control and keeping Sam Kirk as some sort of leverage. There’s desperation in the air, with both Pike and Aisla trying to win the race and save themselves. the biggest difference is the extremes that they’ll go to.

Parrott highlights Pike’s resolve as a Captain. He’s a negotiator and a meticulous planner. The whole taking back of the ship was timed amazingly, with the classic “just in time” pace of most adventures. I’m a little disappointed that Aisla simply striking up a sort of alliance. Sure, Starfleet and the Federation are all about being better together, but this is someone who took control of the Enterprise. However, they’re united and ready to stop the race rather than win it.

I wish that were the last of their problems, but unlike most series, this one has five issues. The ship’s been thrown into a whole new area of space, compressing the ship to no end. The fighting’s all but over, it’s now a simple matter of survival. The crew’s mostly reunited, and Spock’s on their side, so the odds are in their favor. However, the Enterprise coming apart on the final page is such a haunting image. There’s definitely a fight and some danger ahead!

Strange New Worlds – The Scorpius Run # #4 Preview


The action around the lightning storm in Strange New Worlds – The Scorpius Run #4 is striking. The bright neon beams darting around is just the sort of visual overwhelm that this miniseries has delighted in. Any panels that were set out in space look divine. It’s in stark contrast to the inside of the Enterprise, which is a dimly lit hub of action.

Zephyx is just as evil as ever, and with the ships nearing the end of the race he’s only become more dangerous. The plan has become less to win the race, and now to stop the race entirely. Hopefully combined and united, the crews have a fighting chance. Although now that the Enterprise has seemingly been destroyed, it’s going to be an interesting return to the status quo in the finale.

You can pick up your own copy of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – The Scorpius Run #4 out now from IDW Publishing. It’s available to order both physically and digitally from Amazon, and IDW’s website. You can also purchase it now on the shelves of all good comic book stores. For more comic reviews, all the latest news, lore discussions, and more be sure to follow the team here at Trek Central!

Issue Credits

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – The Scorpius Run #4 – Cover Artist Rahzzah

Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Angel Hernandez
Colorist: Nick Filardi
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Group Editor: Heather Antos
Editorial Assistant: Vanessa Real
Design & Production: Neil Uyetake
Story Consultants: Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer

In the Final issue…

Cover Artists: Angel Hernandez
Sean Von Gorman
Suspiria Vilchez

Issue #5: Captain Pike’s worst nightmare has come to fruition. Under immense gravitational waves on the racecourse, the Enterprise‘s shields have collapsed, her hull integrity is failing, and the ship is being torn apart, piece by piece. All the while, Spock is aboard an alien vessel of foreign tech, among a crew desperate to push on and win Zephyx’s race. He just may be the Enterprise crew’s only hope for survival, but can he persuade the others to defy Zephyx when their home planet is on the line, and can he do so in time?

Release Date: January 10, 2024

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