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NEW Strange New Worlds Season 2 Trailer Shows Lower Decks Crossover!

Finally, we’ve got a Strange New Worlds Season 2 Trailer. And this is actually a full-on trailer! Captain Christopher Pike and the U.S.S. Enterprise are returning soon! The trailer shows us a lot of stuff, Klingons, maybe section 31 and adventures to the past. From exploring Uhura’s tragic moment to your classic star trek temporal hijinks with La’an and James T. Kirk, who will be a recurring guest star in Season 2.

Not only all of that. We also get our first look at the Star Trek: Lower Decks Crossover episode with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds! We just can’t wait for that episode in particular!

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds – Season 2 Trailer

Lower Decks

“Surprise” and yes it is a great surprise. We get a look at the Lower Decks Strange New Worlds crossover episode in this trailer! Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) and Bradward Boimler (Jack Quaid) are now in Live Action! Their Lower Decks uniforms look great aboard the USS Enterprise. Though we did see them in a previously released promo trailer from Crave.

They definitely aren’t keeping up with the Temporal Prime Directive, which is a very Mariner thing to do. I do wonder how this episode will go. It will be more comedy style, directed by Jonathan Frakes. I do adore that we are getting our trek shows interacting with one another. We did get a little of that with our legacy shows. Quark does show up in Voyager, and Bashir turns up in The Next Generation.

I cannot wait to see what this episode has in store for us!

Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) & Bradward Boimler (Jack Quaid) | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)


One of the great things we got in the teaser trailer was the reappearance of Klingons. Spock drinks blood wine with them. These Klingons look amazing, and I can’t wait to see what the episode they are in, is all about.

The big deal here, which i am sure many of you will point out, is these are our “normal” Klingons. I do like this updated, yet traditional design. I do wonder if we might see a mix of Klingons. Discovery style, TOS style, and these more TNG Klingons.

I personally really like this! We’ve already seen a glimpse of a D7 Battle-cruiser in one of the Strange New Worlds teaser trailers.

Klingon | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Klingon D7 Return!

Not only did we see D7s in the previous teaser trailer, but we see them in this one as well!

A great scene of the Enterprise being surrounded by Klingon D7 Ships spinning around them. I wonder if this is the Enterprise being attacked, or harassed by Klingon Ships. Or they are working together. The latter would make sense with Spock drinking with them.

Enterprise surrounded by Klingon D7s | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Return of Section 31?

A very interesting very short scene is of what looks to be a Federation Starbase, being strafed by a very interesting ship. This ship is all black and can’t really be identified, but to me it looks like one of the Section 31 drones from Star Trek Discovery Season 2.

Could this be establishing what was set up at the end of Discovery Season 2, a more shadowy section 31 which is still out there, but reorganised to be more like the Section 31 we know from DS9. Could this even be something helping to further seed the Section 31 special movie event with Michelle Yeoh that was announced recently?

Or could this just be a reuse of the Section 31 drone model, and this theory crafting will lead to nothing? Star Trek has a history of reusing ship models where they don’t make sense at all, like many of the 24th century Delta Quadrant ships from voyager being reused as 22nd century alpha quadrant ships in enterprise.

Section 31 Drone Ship? | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Return of the Gorn

We knew that the Gorn would be back in Season 2, and they definitely have to continue to walk a fine line to see how it works with The Original Series. From the trailer it looks like the Gorn are attacking a human colony this time, with what looks to be Captain Batel on the planet as well.

Captain Batel has been seen previously in SNW as a love interest for Pike, at the very beginning and end of Season 1, eventually taking Una into custody for being an illyrian.

Captain Batel being captured by the Gorn might be a good way to get the Enterprise to face the Gorn again, in an unofficial capacity, if Starfleet refuses a rescue mission but Pike decides to do it anyway. 

Gorn ship over a Human Colony | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Enterprise Vs Gorn Ships

The Enterprise could barely contend with Gorn ships in Season 1, but it looks like the Enterprise may have gotten some upgrades, as she is fighting numerous Gorn ships around a planet. 

Enterprise vs Gorn Ships | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

La’an & Kirk Time Travel

Something we have known about for a while, is that La’an and Kirk will be travelling back to seemingly modern-day earth for a temporal hijinks episode. We get a scene in this episode of the two in more casual clothes and an explosion happening in the background.

This could actually be a great opportunity for the show to really establish the 21st century of star trek, and maybe make sense when the Third World War and the Eugenics wars were.

Picard season 2 was the last show to be set in modern-day earth, and it somewhat established that the eugenics wars and world war three were tied, so could we be seeing more of that here?

La’an Noonien Singh (Christina Chong) & James T. Kirk (Paul Wesley) | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Strange New Worlds

Strange New Worlds has weirdly, given us some very cool strange new worlds. This continues into season 2 it seems. We get the Enterprise on a very forest-like planet. There are trees which massively dwarf the enterprise, which is a good way to establish a scale for this planet.

Reminds me of the planetary work that Star Trek Prodigy did with establishing strange New Worlds, which was excellent. Particularly a planet from episode 4 which has the same vibe, of a forest-like planet with giant structures, though in that case it was weird root-like mountains.

Uhura’s Past

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds established a quite dark backstory for Uhura, that she basically joined Starfleet to get away from Earth after her parents and brother died in a shuttle accident in Nairobi. We seem to have in this season Uhura very much confronting that past, being transported to the shuttle accident and the aftermath. We don’t know how this happens, whether its mental, or some sort of alien tech situation, but this Uhura episode will definitely hurt.

What is interesting is that a short story for Star Trek II The Search For Spock established a similar backstory for Uhura. But this time it was her first love who had been killed and she escaped to Starfleet to get away from that memory.

Strange New Worlds has used ancillary beta material to be the basis for their stories before, with the finale of Season 1 being similar to a comic series called “Early voyages” which had pike using a time crystal to see what would happen if he never leaves the enterprise. This could be a similar situation.

Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Strange Energy

There is a shot in this trailer which is very interesting, which we have seen in the previous teaser trailer of Chapel, Ortegas and Uhura in this weird room and some weird energy thing in front of them. I do wonder if this is what causes at least Uhura to have to revisit her past.

It could be an episode where we see the pasts of all these characters, giving us some more backstory. With Ortegas talking about the war previously in this trailer, we could see what she was doing in the Klingon-federation war. With Chapel, we could even see her relationship with Roger Korby, and him going missing, which has caused her approach to relationships we saw in season one.

Wouldn’t be star trek without some weird energy being helping people get through their past trauma!

Nyota Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) & Erica Ortegas (Melissa Navia) | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Una is Back

Now as we just said, Una was taken into Starfleet custody last season. But it seems like this is resolved pretty quickly as we have scenes in this trailer. There aren’t any scenes in this trailer, but in the teaser trailer we saw a Starfleet court bell being hit next to a personnel file of Una, so I assume maybe first episode of this season we are going to get a courtroom episode getting Una back onto the Enterprise and able to serve in Starfleet as an augment.

I also like this, as it lines up with Bashir serving in Starfleet as an augmented individual, and saying there hasn’t been a case like his for one hundred years. So it lines up pretty well.

Una Chin-Riley (Rebecca Romajin) | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Spock in Captains Chair

Another scene that was in the teaser trailer and not in this trailer, but we see the first part of it here, is Spock in command of the Enterprise in the Captain’s chair. Erica asks him what he is going to say as his catchphrase to have the ship go to warp, and spock just says “I would like the ship to go”.

Spock (Ethan Peck) | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)


“Our job puts us up against death, and we might not like it, but we do have to face it” said by Kirk, who will be a recurring guest during season 2 of Strange New Worlds. Obviously, last season we met an alt timeline Kirk who became captain of the Farragut instead of Captain of the Enterprise, and in season 2, we will actually be meeting Lieutenant James T. Kirk.

It is interesting that he does a little speech on Starfleet and death because at the current moment, Kirk has been present during a massacre on Tarsus IV by Kodos the Executioner as a kid. So if anyone is aware of death, it very much is James Kirk. I do hope he actually references that, to be honest.

James T.Kirk (Paul Wesley) | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Return to Rigel VII

Our very first look at Season 2 was a scene featuring Ortegas being deprived of going on an away mission to Rigel VII. This is the same planet where Pike lost crew on a mission before the events of “The Cage”. So we know from M’Benga’s outfit that this scene takes place on Rigel VII.

It looks like maybe some cultural contamination has happened on this planet, with these barbarian like people having a gatehouse which looks like a Starfleet delta, which was seen in the teaser trailer for season 2.

We see M’Benga actually fight one of these barbarians, and this is what I have been waiting for. Babs has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so him finally being able to impart some of that skill into Dr M’Benga, is perfect for me.

Pike was quite traumatised after his original mission to Rigel VII, even considering retiring from Starfleet, so it will be interesting to see how he is on this mission. We see him beating up a barbarian, and very calmly picking up a plate to block a blaster bolt.

Starfleet Outpost on Rigel VII? | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Adventures of Chapel & Spock

This trailer gives us a lot of Chapel and Spock, and it seems like their relationship is continuing from what we saw in Season One. This could be the reason why T’Pring has enough and decides to get a new husband in The Original Series.

Spock and Chapel seem to be in a life and death situation, aboard a constitution starship, who knows which one it could be, while it is pretty destroyed. They seem to even jump out of the ship together as it’s falling towards a planet.

There is a later scene of the two of them kissing, so I do wonder what the circumstances are around that. There is also a scene of Spock in an EVA suit walking along the saucer of this destroyed ship later in the trailer as well.

All these scenes are very interesting, but how they connect, or even if they are from the same episode is not known as of yet. We see scenes of Chapel and Spock in EVA suits on the bridge of a ship, them escaping through the ship’s sensor dome together. But then spock walking on the hull and two people jumping out of an airlock. So it will be interesting to know the story behind this.

Spock (Ethan Peck) & Nurse Chapel (Jess Bush) | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Uhura and Pelia

We get our first opportunity to hear what Carol Kane’s Pelia, the new chief engineer of the Enterprise sounds like. Uhura is talking to her about a crazy theory and Pelia just says “I love crazy theories” in an accent I just cannot place.

This somewhat crazier chief engineer to Hemmers very calm chief engineer is a good way to distinguish the two characters, but Pelia has some very big shoes to fill in, as Hemmer was very much a fan favourite character.

What is interesting is that Pelia has some sort of broach above her delta badge, which I cannot make out what it could be.

Pelia (Carol Kane) | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Saucer Crashing

The saucer of this constitution class seems to crash down onto a planet and go straight through this alien looking tower. There is what looks to be other Starfleet wreckage on this planet. It could be that this alien tower is causing ships to crash on this planet. Our crew could send the saucer into this to stop it happening again.

Saucer crashing into Alien Tower | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

TOS Runabout

A very cool ship we see looks to be a TOS version of the runabout from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It has the same sort of look, and is essentially a chunkier shuttle. I do hope this is a TOS runabout. That would allow for a cool evolution of shuttles and also complement the shuttles we see in The Original Series.

It seems to be flying through the atmosphere of this very rocky planet. Something, or someone, looks to be firing on the surface with green beams. This makes me think of Klingons. Perhaps this is a mission saving refugees from a planet that is being taken over by the Klingons?

TOS Runabout? | Star TRek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

Kirk and Uhura

After Season 1 of Strange New Worlds ended, we got a look at a new set for season two. Through The Ready Room we saw a new bar area on the USS Enterprise. You see this set in this trailer, with Kirk and Uhura giving a toast and drinking. This may be our first look at Kirk and Uhura meeting, which is definitely a big moment.

Kirk (Paul Wesley) & Nyota Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)

LLAP Boimler

Our final scene, which is great, is Mr Spock saying “Live Long and Prosper, Mr Boimler” to Boimler. In classic Boimler fashion he stutters and says something like “You also live”. We have all been in that situation where we stutter on our words.

What this tells me, if spock is saying this, is that they are going back to their time. It seems like Pike and La’an are going with them. This is probably how we will get our animated part of the episode. Pike will appear on the U.S.S. Cerritos in animated form. So look forward to that!

New Poster!

Season 2 is only a few weeks away. We have got a brand new poster for this second outing of Captain Pike and the USS Enterprise. We have all our crew, with numerous “Strange New Worlds” behind them.

This is an amazing poster. I hope that now we are getting closer to release, marketing will really ramp up for this second season!

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Via Paramount+)


Strange New Worlds Season 2 is coming around really quickly. Sadly, it does seem like Paramount have been slacking on the promotional side of things. For example, several bits of this trailer were aired last week by Crave, the streamer for Star Trek in canada. But, Paramount decided to copyright the fandom sharing it. Rather an odd move, but still, we’re here giving you the latest news anyway. Speaking of which, UK fans you will like this one. 

MCM London Comic Con is coming up at the end of May. Some of the Strange New Worlds Season 2 cast will be there virtually anyway. Rebecca Romijn (Number One), Ethan Peck (Spock), Celia Rose Gooding (Uhura), and Melissa Navia (Oretgas) will beam in live as holograms for the first-ever holographic panel experience at MCM. Also, an ‘exclusive’ clip is promised, along with behind-the-scenes info and more.

The second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will premiere on Thursday, June 15, exclusively on Paramount+, with new episodes dropping weekly on Thursdays. That’s right, it looks like the episodes will drop the same day worldwide. No more waiting 24hrs if you’re in Europe for example. I’m still holding my breath on this one. Let’s wait and see.

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