Warping Into Star Trek Cosplay! Interview With “SoundOfCosplay”

Recently Destination Star Trek 2019 took place in Birmingham, United Kingdom. I and the Trek Central crew attended the weekend-long celebration of all things Star Trek. While this was my first time at a Trek event, one thing I noticed was the love and passion of Trekkies cosplaying their favorite characters.

I’ve seen cosplay before, usually at Comic-Con events, therefore seeing so much at a Trek event was a pleasant surprise. Wherever I looked, it was Discovery-era Enterprise uniforms and The Wrath of Khan outfits, which are fantastic by the way! That wasn’t it, from Andorians to Borg, there was a diverse range of cosplay taking place at the event.

I wanted to learn more about what it means to cosplay Star Trek, so I set out with a mission. My mission was to find interesting facts about this area of the fandom, so of course, I had to speak to someone about it. Trek cosplayer Moe, known by the name “Sound of Cosplay” was happy to chat with me about their cosplay and more.

Moe cosplaying Lt. Paul Stamets with actor Anthony Rapp who plays the character in Star Trek: Discovery.
Moe cosplaying Lt. Paul Stamets with actor Anthony Rapp who plays the character in Star Trek: Discovery.

Below you can see my interview with Moe, all about cosplaying Star Trek. The interview will also be available in video form at a later date.

Jack: To kick this off, could you give us an intro about yourself and what you do?

Moe: I’m Moe, SoundOfCosplay on all the social media. I’m from Austria and I’ve been doing cosplay since I was 12.

Jack: You cosplay Anthony Rapp’s character of Paul Stamets, could you tell us about your interest in the character?

Moe: Of course!
Moe: I had been waiting for a new Star Trek series to come out for ages. I started making my cosplay as soon as the first episode (Discovery) came out. It was only after that episode, that Stamets was introduced as a character and I just really liked him. So I remade the whole uniform from a command uniform to a science uniform to cosplay Stamets.

Moe as Lt.Paul Stamets from Star Trek: Discovery
Moe as Lt.Paul Stamets from Star Trek: Discovery

Jack: Anthony Rapp has seen your cosplay many times, what does he think of it?

Moe: Oh he thinks it’s great! He’s so fun and is very excited about it.

Jack: Now you also have another variation of the Stamets uniform, am I correct?

Moe: Yes, I actually have 4 versions of Stamets.
Moe: I have this one (Science Uniform). I also have the toothbrush scene outfit as well as EV suit from Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery. Finally, I have his civilian outfit from the comic, but no one recognizes that one *laugh*.

Moe (SoundOfCosplay) as Paul Stamets in civilian clothing.
Moe (SoundOfCosplay) as Paul Stamets in civilian clothing.

Jack: Could you talk us through the process of starting a new cosplay, where do you start?

Moe: I usually start by collecting as many pictures as I can. This is because it’s hard to create something as you need to know how it looks from different angles. I then make a “mock-up” version to create a good pattern to work with, then I make the whole thing over.
Moe: Then, of course, there are still props! Props are a completely different process I think because cosplaying is creating it from nothing. While prop making is searching for a thing which you might be able to turn into the prop.

Jack: I see you have an example of that with you today!

Moe: Ah yes! My sample of P. stellaviaroti is made from a water bottle. Parts of the bottle, like this container, were modified for the prop.

Moe and her prop of "P.Stellaviaroti" from Star Trek: Discovery
Moe and her prop of “P.Stellaviaroti” from Star Trek: Discovery

Jack: It’s a very creative process working through cosplay!
Jack: I see you also do other Star Trek cosplays as well, like Chancellor L’Rell?

Moe: Yes! I just really really liked the dress with all the details on the front of it.

Jack: Do you have any further cosplays planned, especially with Discovery season 3 coming up?

Moe: I’m really looking forward to Season 3. I’d really like to do the Discovery landing party outfits. Also, I’d love to do Discovery Spock and Data at some point in the future.

Jack: What is it like cosplaying in the Star Trek fandom? Are people open to new cosplayers as well?

Moe: Oh yeah for sure! Cosplaying in the Star Trek fandom is great. I mean Star Trek fans basically invented cosplay, so there is a big part of history right there. There is so many excited and talented people around you, so it’s really fun.

Jack: If someone was wanting to get into trek cosplay for the first time, would you encourage them and where would they start?

Moe: Definitely, do it!
Moe: It depends on what you want to do. If you want to start making things yourself, maybe start with The Original Series, as the basic colours are easy, to begin with.

Jack: No cosplaying The Borg right away then!
Moe: Haha, maybe not.

Jack: Thank you very much for your time. Finally, where can people find you on social media?
Moe: Thank you! The best place is Twitter or Instagram under the name “Sound Of Cosplay”.

So there we go, that was my insight into the world of Star Trek cosplay. Special thanks to Moe for taking the time out of her busy schedule to sit down and chat with me about this. I learned many new things about cosplay, maybe one day I’ll give it a try for myself!

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