UK’s Channel 4 To Stream Star Trek: Discovery In 2020

Discovery Season 1 Final

Star Trek: Discovery will be beaming down to Britan’s Channel 4 in 2020. Reported by the Hollywood Reporter, CBS’s Star Trek: Discovery is will air on Channel 4’s digital channel, E4. CBS will also give E4 a UK Exclusive of the comedy show “Man With A Plan”.

Discovery previously launched in 2017 on CBS All Access for US Viewers, but Netflix acquired the rights for international streaming. Season 3 of Discovery is already in production with the first teaser trailer being revealed at NYCC 2019.

Promotional Art for Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 (2017).

Barry Chamberlain, Preisent of Sales at CBS Studios International had the following to say.
” Channel 4 is already a licensee for several of our top-rated franchises, including The Good Fight and Charmed, and we are confident they will have continued success with Star Trek: Discovery and Man With a Plan”

Star Trek: Discovery is a prequel series taking place 10 years before the original Star Trek series. Season 1 follows story arcs including the Klingon-Federation war as well as adventures into the Mirror Universe. Season 2 saw Anson Mount join the cast as Captain Christopher Pike, tieing more into The Original Series.

It’s an interesting move by CBS and Channel 4, but the positive is that UK Trekkies have got more Star Trek on their screens. Competition for Star Trek has picked up over 2019 with Amazon acquiring the international rights for streaming Star Trek: Picard.

The upcoming Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery is going to a new frontier. At the end of Season 2, the crew and the ship jumped into the future, going where no Trek show has gone before. The third season of the ambitious show is will air in late 2020 on CBS All Access for US Viewers. For the moment, Netflix still holds international streaming rights.