Star Trek Virtual Events Beam Down!

STAR TREK is on a roll with 23 weeks of content coming to Trekkies screens. Kicking off with Star Trek: Lower Decks and then moving into Star Trek: Discovery, everything is going well, given the circumstances of 2020.

However, as we look to the events side of things, that is one aspect of Trek, like many other franchises that is getting left behind this year. The Official Star Trek: Las Vegas convention has been postponed from it’s usual August date, till December 2020. Whether it will actually take place at the end of the year, is another matter.

Recently, I sat down with Derek Maki from Coolwaters Productions LLC, who has been putting on some great virtual-Star Trek events for Trekkies around the world. Named “InHouse Con”, virtual attendees can expect to tune into a live panel with some great names from famous franchises like Star Trek. Let’s see what Derek had to say.

JACK: Could you give us and our readers an introduction to yourself and also explain a little bit about InHouseCon and the online conventions you have been hosting?

DEREK: Of course! I’m Derek Maki, I’m the owner of of Coolwaters Productions LLC and we’re a celebrity appearance management agency. We take celebrities all over the world to meet fans at conventions. Sadly because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we currently do not have the availability to do so anymore. Now we did have a few online events approach us to do virtual sessions with our clients, which made me think we could do something ourselves.

DEREK: We started InHouseCon, and we’ve been hosting it every weekend, on Saturday, since May 2020. We host celebrity guests, with an hour long panel and answer fan questions live on air, along with also overing authentic autographs from our guests. As a bonus to fans, we also offer 1-1 chats with our guests.

JACK: A great experience for thanks! This coming weekend i believe you have another Star Trek focused event, could you tell us more about that?

DEREK: It’s no secret, we announce our guests ahead of time. This week, we have Sarah Mitich who played Airim (Season One) and then Lt. Nilson in Star Trek: Discovery. Along with Hannah Spear, David Benjamin Tomlinson, and also Michael Krawic. Our guests this week are rare on the convention circuit, so fans who tune in this weekend are going to get a real unique experience, as well as the chance to get autographs and more from guests.

DEREK: Originally this weekend was scheduled to be Star Trek: Las Vegas, but sadly they had to postpone due to COVID-19. So we’ve decided to host our Trek event this weekend in place of that, as the fans still get a great event to attend and virtually meet guests. Our guests will be speaking about their Star Trek careers, as well as there other acting careers. Fans can also join our cosplay contest that is taking place.

JACK: This leads me to my next question, how can fans at home get invovled with the event at home and get the chance to join in the fun?

DEREK: Sure! There is a virtual door charge, which is $3.99, which is purely for the sake of maintaining the website and technical background aspect of the virtual event. We’re a small business, so while we would love to do it for free, it’s not possible right now given the circumstances. Fans can go to our WEBSITE, to find all the details including how to get involved in the upcoming Star Trek event, as well as our other InHouse conventions.

DEREK: What’s even better, is because we’re doing everything personally, i know a lot about my clients and know the right questions to ask them. This is a good way, as it keeps our event very small and intimate. This means fans have the comfort of this experience from there own home. Front row seats, right from your own living room or house.

JACK: Do you think that going forward, with what 2020 has shown us, that InHouseCon and online conventions will be the norm, or will we go back to traditional conventions.

DEREK: No, I think eventually we’ll go back to traditional conventions and I really hope so. The thing is, we as humans do not like being cooped up at home, we like going out and socializing with others. Conventions and events give opportunities for us to go and mingle with other likeminded people about the things we love. So yes, we’ll eventually go back to how things were I think.

JACK: On another note, we’ve spoken about Star Trek, but what other events are you hosting at InHouseCon this coming month?

DEREK: We’ve got a busy month ahead, with lots to offer to fans at home. Starting with Star Trek on August 8th, which we spoke about previously. The following weekend we move to a Voice Actor event, on August 15th. This brings together Tony Nappo, Renee Fafia, Amber Goldfarr and Matt Wolf. All who are highly experience voice actors and will have lots to share!

DEREK: Ooh, on August 22nd we have a free event for fans. If you’ve attended one of our events before, then you’ll be able to attend this one for free which is An Inside Look at what we do in the events world, with me hosting along with Dave Heynen from Fanboy Expo with our special guest of the week, Steve Grad from the show Pawn Stars.

DEREK: The last weekend of August i’m very happy with, as we have a rare appearance of Selma Blair from Hellboy, along with Star Trek superstar Doug Jones (Saru). That’s our lineup for August, but we’ve also got some great plans for September that we have not announced as of yet.

JACK: Sounds fantastic. Finally, could you tell me a little bit about your autographs and how the process works?

DEREK: Absolutely! Our autographs are on sale right now, before our event, and will remain on sale till the following Monday, to ensure fans have enough time to pick them up. You can head over to our website to find out more details.

JACK: Derek thank you for taking the time to chat with me today, it has been a pleasure!

DEREK: Thank you!

I’ll be the first to say that InHouseCon is looking to be a great event for Trekkies. If you’re a Star Trek fan, getting a chance to virtually connect with the stars of the show is a fantastic experience. I’m certainly going to be joining myself, but i can;t wait to see how everyone finds it.

If you’re interested in finding out more, simply head other to Derek’s website HERE, and check around for details. InHouseCon also has a Twitter, where you can follow for the latest updates on what’s going on and coming soon with virtual events.