Star Trek Online “Awakening” Update Releases

Star Trek Online launched its Season 18 content today, under the name of “Awakening”. Players will be able to dive into a brand new Star Trek Discovery tie-in mission as well as get their hands on some brand new starships.

With the Awakening update comes a brand new featured episode, “Beneath the Skin”, which continues the story of J’Ula, sister of T’Kuvma, who was transported into the 25th century through the use of Mycelial technology that she had previously stolen from the USS Glenn, the sister ship of the USS Discovery. In this episode, J’Ula is now threatening Andoria with the same mycelial weapon that teleported her into the future. To stop her, you, the player, must resurrect using holographic technology, the best astromycologist to stop J’Ula, Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets, voiced by Anthony Rapp himself! 

Star Trek Online’s latest episodes have been a great ride, with notable improvements to cutscenes and character performances. The inclusion of Star Trek Discovery cast member Anthony Rapp is great as he is now starring alongside Jason Issacs, Rekha Sharma and Mary Wiseman who also reprised their respective roles for the video game.

“Please state the nature of the Mycelial emergency” – Anthony Rapp as Hologram Paul Stamets

Players will be able to warp into a new gameplay event coming to Star Trek Online called “The Mycelial Crisis” which aims to reward players for playing the new content being released, following the story of J’Ula as she was thrust into the 25th Century. This new content includes missions, Task Force Operations and Patrols, allowing the player to play what they prefer, and still being rewarded. 
For completing the event you will receive a free T6 ship, the Elachi Qulash Frigate!

The Elachi Qulash Frigate – Star Trek Online

“The Qulash Frigate is a fast, nimble starship used to great effect by the mysterious Elachi in their campaign of devastation. Its ability to nimbly manoeuvre into Mycelial Space and exit from it with heavy firepower to point at foes makes it quite a threat to be reckoned with on the battlefield.”
– Jette “CrypticSpartan” Leavens @ Star Trek Online

Players who enjoy Patrols inside STO will be delighted, as the Awakening update brings a new Patrol interface to the game. You can now instantly enter a patrol without finding its location on the map. Currently, this only applies to new patrols and some older ones, the development team are looking into expanding this feature soon.

You’ll be able to experience five brand new patrols in this expansion, bringing a new way that the story is being delivered in Star Trek Online. These patrols link into the overarching story of Awakening, with J’Ula seeking the spores of protaxities stellaviatori for her new mycelial weapon. The player must team up with Hologram Stamets to stop her.

The new patrols are:

  • Ruins of Doom
  • The Ninth Rule
  • Within The Briars
  • Rescue and Search
  • Sentinels

The new Kelvin Divergence Lockbox brings more ships to players feet, this time with have the Kelvin Timeline Heavy Destroyer [T6] and the Kelvin Timeline D7 heavy Destroyer [T6]. Should you obtain the Kelvin Divergence Lockbox Ship Pack, you’ll be able to choose one of these two ships.
Full details on these impressive ships can be found here.

One recent update to the game that is worth mentioning was the USS Vengeance visual update. This ship appeared in Star Trek: Into Darkness as the big bad ship, but actually looked really good. Recently the mighty Dreadnought has seen some love in the game and the visual update brings the starship more in-line with it’s on screen counterpart.

Kelvin-Timeline Intel Dreadnought Cruiser aka the USS Vengeance

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