Star Trek: Kirk Fu Manual – Review

Book Cover of Kirk Fu

I still find it hard to believe there is now a book on Captain James T. Kirk’s fighting style. Yes, Star Trek has always had weird and wonderful fights, but this is a new level. Luckily for me, the Star Trek Kirk Fu Manual teaches everything I need to know for fighting a Gorn and other aliens.

Kirk Fu Manual is a guide to Starfleet’s most feared martial art. I think many alien species, who encountered Captain Kirk, might agree with that description. The book is written in the voice of our famous Gorn-fighting Captain, so expect some familiar moves.

The book is written by legendary Trek Author Dayton Ward. The fantastic art is illustrated by the talented Christian Cornia. Today I’m going to be sharing my own thoughts on this book and the kick-ass moves of Captain Kirk.

The book contains 12 sections, each describing a specific move. The sections also contain examples of when Captain Kirk used the move effectively. Excerpts from Kirk’s personal logs recount the times he used certain moves are a great little detail. What I personally like is that you can easily make the connection to these events based on the illustrations alone.

My favorite move is totally the “Flying Drop Kirk”. As the name suggests, this move uses your legs as an alternative option to your hands and arms. Kirk used this move against an optical illusion Wyatt Earp on Stardate 4386.5, in TOS episode “Spectre of the Gun”.

Art Style

I actually love the step by step illustrations of how Kirk performs a move. It captures the idea of a manual very well, you could almost imagine this as something in the Star Trek universe, in a comedic sort of way.

Honestly, if I had the confidence I was tempted to try out a few of these moves. Though sadly there were no nearby alien species for me to test them out on.

Following your read of all the Kirk Fu Manual moves, there is an assessment test. If you manage to complete that, you actually get a Certificate of Training from Starfleet Academy themselves. What I noticed on this page, is you could copy and fill it in, even framing it to show your Kirk Fu certification!

I really enjoyed the bonus section of the book, which is all about “Spock Fu”. Ever wanted to learn the Vulcan Nerve Pinch? Well, now you can! The temptation not try this one at home is a bit too much… or in other circumstances, I would imagine.

Overall I love this book. Personally, the best thing to me is the in-universe connections via Kirk’s personal logs. You can almost feel that William Shatners Kirk would be narrating this book in some sort of way and for that reason, I really do love it. If you’re looking for a light-hearted read, this is for you.


Star Trek Kirk Fu Manual is due to be released on March 3rd, 2020. You can pre-order the book from the link here. Perhaps you dare try some of these feared moves yourself? If so, you can Tweet us!