Star Trek: KIRK FU Manual – Preview

Book Cover of Kirk Fu

Captain James T Kirk had a unique fighting style while he was onscreen in Star Trek: The Original Series. The new reference book titled “Star Trek: Kirk Fu Manual” aims to teach you how to do the moves like Kirk himself.

The book is written by Dayton Ward, who has written many Star Trek novels before. Published by Insight Editions, Kirk Fu will release in March 2020. The book will offer readers an in-universe training guide to the unarmed combat techniques of James T. Kirk.

From the “Slippery Ell” to the “Flying drop Kirk”, you’ll be fighting like Captain Kirk in no time. The reference book even includes moves used by Kirk during his famous battle with the Gorn. Make sure to read up on the “Box Lunch” move for that one, it’s good apparently!

EXCLUSIVE: Extract from “Kirk Fu Manual” (Via Insight Editions)

“A Guide to Starfleet’s most feared martial art” – Star Trek: Kirk Fu Manual

This book was already on my personal list of Star Trek items to pick up this year. Mainly because I thought it would be hilarious to try out these moves for a YouTube video, then again… maybe not.

The illustrations of the fighting moves have been beautifully created. Christian Cornia’s art leaps into action on the pages and really brings forward the detail of Kirk and his moves.

EXCLUSIVE: Flying Drop Kirk move (Via Insight Editions).

Above you can see the “Flying Drop Kirk” move, for when beaming isn’t needed to drop in. I do find the descriptions of these moves humorous. The “Drop Kirk” move reads as “Results will vary in low- or null-gravity environments.

What’s great about this reference book, is you can go back to The Original Series and watch William Shatner’s Kirk doing most of these on-screen.


Once finished reading the book, it seems that readers will get a “Certificate of training”. I’m not sure if this means I am qualified to punch a Gorn on an alien planet, but I’ll take it!

Kirk’s “Box Lunch” move! (Via Insight Editions)

Should you want to pick up the Star Trek: Kirk Fu Manual, it’s in stores starting March 3rd. The price is $14.99, but you can pre-order via this link (here).

Trek Central will be reviewing this kick-ass reference book later in March, so keep an eye out for that! (see what I did there?)