Review – “Q&A” Star Trek: Short Treks

Spock and Number One stuck in a turbolift.

Captain Pike and crew are back on our screens, this time in Short Treks. Today we’re taking a look at the first instalment in the new season of Short Treks, “Q&A”, featuring Spock and Number One.

“Q&A” was written by Star Trek: Picard showrunner, and the writer for the brilliant Short Trek “Calypso”, Michael Chabon and directed by Mark Pellington.

Ensign Spock prepares to beam over to the U.S.S. Enterprise.

This Short Trek starts with a young Ensign Spock beaming over to the U.S.S Enterprise. The episode deals with Spock’s emotional state a lot and helps to bridge the gap between early Spock and The Original Series Spock.

Before he beams over, we can see Number One’s real name on her datapad, Leiutenant Commander Una.

Number One greets Ensign Spock.

Una expects from her Science officers that they ask so many questions that they become an annoyance. She demands this from Spock on the way to the turbolift in which he adopts and its seen throughout The Original Series, causing annoyance mostly to Dr. McCoy.

As they enter the turbolift, we get what seems to be a hint of the 2009 Star Trek theme. This is an interesting connection as composer Michael Giacchino tweeted he is composing the score for one Short Trek, “Ephraim and Dot”. Giacchino also stated in the same tweet:

“I’m overseeing a great group of young composers who have been scoring the new Short Treks. It’s been a lot of fun working with them.”

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The composer for “Q&A” is Nami Melumad, who happens to be the first female composer of a Star Trek episode.

Number One and Spock in the turbolift.

Back in the turbolift, Spock and Una try and break the ice after it breaks down. Spock is asked to keep up the questions. He replies with, “What are the three most salient facts about Captain Pike?”

Una’s reply is as Spock states, “You have made a most careful study of the Captain”. A while longer, they are sitting on the turbolift floor, still waiting for it to be repaired. Una finally gets annoyed and stands up.

Number One attempts to fix the turbolift.

Getting onto Spock’s shoulders, she tries to access a conduit on the roof. Spocks asks if she has seen a triple-mode high-amplitude Delta Scuti star. Una says she had seen one first-hand during her first deep-space cruise on Enterprise.

The conduit then backfires, sending Spock and Una to the floor and prompting a new plan. Engineer Upjonn apprises them that Lieutenant Amin, then Operations officer for Enterprise, will repell down and rescue them from the lift.

Spock and Number One have a heart-to-heart.

Una has a heart-to-heart with Spock, lowering her facade and revealing some of her true nature. They both realise how indifferent they are, how both hide who they truly are. She then starts singing “Major-General” from the opera “Gilbert and Sullivan”.

Spock joins in after a pause and they both get a good laugh right before Lt. Amin shows up and lets them know shes about to open the hatch. Number One then fixes her uniform and orders Spock not to speak of the moment ever. The hatch then pops open with a happy Amin on the other side.

Lt. Amin pops open the turbolift.

After they are pulled out, the episode cuts to the bridge of the Enterprise with Captain Pike and crew. Pike meets Spock for the first time, asking if Vulcan’s feel awe and getting a feel for his new bridge officer. The episode does a fantastic job illustrating how some people in the world hide their true nature for what they believe in.

Captain Pike looks out the viewscreen in awe and wonder.

Its always great to see cast and crew return, even for short episodes like this. Samora Smallwood, Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, Rebecca Romajin, and more in this episode alone.

What did you think of “Q&A”? Did we do a good job breaking the story down? Let us know!