NEW Preview Of “The Trouble With Edward” Short Trek

Captain Lynne Lucero

Another Star Trek: Short Treks episode is about to beam down to us. Following the surprise release of “Q&A” at NYCC 2019, “The Trouble With Edward” is releasing on October 10th. The latest Trek adventure can be watched in the United States and Canada, however international streaming is still not an option just yet.

The new episode features Rosa Salazar as the newly promoted “Captain Lynne Lucero”, who’s taking command of the U.S.S Cabot. Joining her is H.Jon Benjamin as “Edward Larkin”, who’s research into Tribbles leads to an issue for everyone on board.

Rosa Salazar as Captain Lynne Lucero of the U.S.S Cabot.
Rosa Salazar as Captain Lynne Lucero of the U.S.S Cabot.

“The Trouble With Edward” is written by Graham Wagner and was directed by Daniel Gray Longino. Wagner has previously written episodes of “Silicon Valley” and the TV show, “Baskets”. Longino just finished directing the TV short, “Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein“. Both are newcomers to the Star Trek Universe, which will hopefully lead to an interesting new story.

Alex Kurtzman, head of all things Star Trek, confirmed that Captain Pike will star in this episode as well. Fans of Anson Mount’s Pike will be glad to hear that he is also appearing in the episode “Ask Not”.

H.Jon Benjamin as scientist Edward Larkin.
H.Jon Benjamin as scientist Edward Larkin.

The episode trailer suggests that an experiment with Tribbles has gone wrong, therefore they are eating people alive. Tribbles eating people is interesting for sure. Though I expect some sort of twist where the cute creatures are not the ones to blame.

Watch the preview trailer for “The Trouble With Edward” here.

“The Trouble With Edward” will air October 10th on CBS All Access in the United States. Viewers from Canada can watch the Short Trek on CraveTV.
Sadly there is no confirmation on International viewings for Star Trek: Short Treks, but we’ll update this page if further information becomes available.

You can find our review of the previous Short Trek, “Q&A“, via our YouTube channel here.