Picard is Dead! Long Live Picard!

The Paradox of Terminal Velocity in a Series

Who doesn’t like that feeling in a roller-coaster but being comfortably seated at home? Sure you loved this first season of Star Trek: Picard. Nine episodes slowly mounting. Tak-tak-tak. And you start the incline…

One hundred inspiring ideas in the last chapter. Ninety nine left in the air. We would have to wait to season two to know how many will have continuity or if we will face a complete new show now that Michael Chabon is not in control and all the wonderful loose ends will keep floating around for the books, comics and fans to develop while we patiently wait till next season.

Full Circle

Wide eyes, pulse accelerating there are tons of things people would believe when our systems rush wildly. That was the first WOW! reaction at watching Star Trek: Picard‘s season finale.

The Federation banned synths and banned Picard. Riker commanding the Zheng He’s Federation starship saved synths from Romulans, a few hours after safely preparing a pizza in a remote planet. Synths are no longer banned. Romulans are left to their own devices, no questions asked. Weren’t they right in their primary assumption by the way? Picard can’t save himself from a certain death. But, Dr. Soong Jr and Dr Jurati decide to play god of their own accord and create a synth Picard.

To sleep, perchance to dream

Spock fascinated viewers with his strict adherence to logical responses over emotionally boosted reactions. Picard, that sober, self-contained man, resurrects to leave us all with an emotional turmoil impossible to manage as his first act is to kill Data and erase his memory for ever.

The Times Are Changing And So Is Picard

It is not that synths bodies are precisely a too far gone utopia, we’ve already created xenobots, virtual creatures brought to life in 2020. But the big question mark is over Picard’s metaphysics in itself. What is Picard now? He is not cloned like Shinzon, he ha not been assimilated like Locutus, he had not been duplicated like Thomas Riker, actually he has been digitalized.

A synth with all the knowledge of Admiral Picard, who has shown already no second thoughts to terminate his dear friend who he has been mourning for more than twenty years, Data, a brother synth by now… Season Two must be just great! I can’t wait!

Picard Is Going Digital

The show’s executive producers said that this new Picard is still the same Picard. Akiva Goldsman says about Picard’s dead it’s a “closure on a chapter of his life.” And Alex Kurtzman pledges, “It is the same person, it is the same consciousness, it is the same body in many ways, just rebuilt.” However, clearly it’s not at all the same body, neither it’s the same mind, just a digital copy of whatever electrical impulses and engrams were left on Picard’s before he was terminally brain-dead. After all, Picard didn’t have a positronic mind one could do a security backup at will.

To Be or Not to Be

Is a copy the same as the original? Is a sentient being just the physical parts, or is there an intangible life that exists beyond the purely physical container? Don’t we all die every time we fall asleep as our brain cells renew our consciousness before we arise to live a new day?

As Kirk passed the no-win Kobayashu-Maru test, Picard has managed also to cheat death, engrossing the gallery of other beloved dead and resurrected in Star Trek like Spock, Harry Kim, Hugh Culbert.

Not everything in this episode follows logic. But, don’t you agree that was one of the most exciting rides in all Star Trek Universe?