New PICARD Trailer Premieres at NYCC 2019

The NEW Star Trek Picard trailer has beamed down! Straight from NYCC 2019, Troi, Riker, and more all will to be returning as well are some new members. The new trailer, while containing some shorts from the previous trailer from SDCC, contains a lot of new shots and information about the series. There is a LOT of information in this trailer, so let’s cover the big points!

Starting at the top! The trailer begins with Data painting in the Chateau Picard vineyard. This appears to be a dream sequence, as Data and Picard are wearing their Enterprise-D uniforms. As the trailer moves on, we get a better understanding of the current state of the Federation and galaxy as a whole.

Picard arrives at Starfleet HQ
Picard arriving at Starfleet HQ

Picard is outside his home when he approached by Dahj, who needs serious help. We know, from the panel, that she seeks him out because she ust came from a tragedy and is running from someone and looking for help. From what? We can only speculate.

Continuing, Picard meets with an unamed Admiral. He quarrels with her over the values of the Federation, before she kicks him out. He then meets with some old friends, like Raffi and Riker, and gets a crew put together.

Picard meets with Raffi
Picard attempts to recruit Raffi

Then, the trailer goes into a flurry of things, from Seven of Nine holding someone, in tears, to Hugh peeking around a corner. What’s next is truly awesome, Riker AND Troi return as Picard visits their cabin. The entire trailer ends with Riker and Picard talking on a dock, remembering the old days.

Watch the trailer here for US Viewers and here International Viewers.

With a lot more stored in this trailer and more information coming from the entire panel, keep an eye out on our YouTube channel, social channels, and this website for more information and in-depth break downs of what’s to come!