New Hero Collector STAR TREK Models for 2020

Straight from Destination Star Trek Birmingham, Hero Collector has unveiled their fantastic lineup of upcoming Trek models. We were on hand to see some of the new models for ourselves, such as the ISS Charon. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect in the coming months and more as we warp in 2020.

Eaglemoss’s Official Star Trek Starships collection is now being extended to 180 Issues, as revealed previously this year. We’ve also received a first look at the upcoming models, thanks to Hero Collector featuring the prototypes on their booth. We were on hand to get a first look as well as some pictures of these highly detailed starships.

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Issue #168 of the Official Collection will feature a Suliban cargo ship, seen in Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Future tense”. Issue #169 is Kes’s Starship featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Fury”. This ship was previously seen in that episode with Kes crashing into the hull of the USS Voyager, so she could board the starship.

Issue #170 features a Tsunkatse Arena-ship, with Issue #171 featuring a Denobulan Medical Ship. A fan favorite, the Xindi Insectoid Fighter is Issue #172, last seen in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Countdown”. The Federation freighter, U.S.S Arcos will be featured in Issue #173, this ship was seen in the TNG episode “Legacy”.

The model for Issue #174 was one I was not expecting and that is Captain Archers toy ship. The flying creation was featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Broken Bow”. Finally, Issue #175 is the Pakled Freighter Mondor which featured in TNG’s “Samaritan Snare” episode.

As previously mentioned the line was extended up to 180 ships, therefore we still are yet to see the final five models. Hero Collector confirmed that Issue #180 will be the final entry in the Official Starships Collection line.

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The “Bonus” line of starships also has several new additions. First up is the SS Conestoga, featured in Star Trek: Enterprises “Terra Nova” episode. The Enterprise-era Klingon D4 concept ship, designed by Joan Eaves is Bonus Issue #21. Interestingly the Cardassian Weapons Platform is being added to the bonus collection and will feature in Issue #22. The Friendship I probe from Star Trek: Voyager will be Bonus Issue #23.

The “upside-down” USS Reliant Concept is Bonus Issue #24. I’m personally excited about this issue, as it has an interesting story of how it came to be designed. Finally, for the bonus issues, number #25 is Captain Pike’s Original USS Enterprise seen in the episode “The Cage”.

Now Hero Collector has been running the “Special” line of Starship models for a while now. This weekend we got a look at some future models coming to the special line. The Son’a Flagship Is first up as Issue #19, last seen in Star Trek: Insurrection. The next model, a gold-plated USS Enterprise-D Model is a fantastic sight and certainly one many will want in their collection, that is Issue #20. The Vulcan Long-Range Shuttle will be Issue #21, while the Vulcan Lander T’Plana Hath is Issue #22.

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The Star Trek: Discovery starships collection had a few more additions revealed, with some shown at the show. The Section 31 Stealth Ship is Issue #22, while the Federation Lander Pod featured in Season 2’s premiere episode is Issue #23. The Klingon DasPu’ Class, which was seen in Season 1 will be Issue #24 while the Section 31 Drone Fighter will feature as Issue #25.

The previous mentioned ISS Charon Terran Flagship will be the second Discovery special issue. We managed to get a hands-on look at this impressive model at the show, check out of photos of it. What’s even more interesting about this model, is it actually lights up! Thanks to Hero Collector for brining this one down to the show.

During Hero Collectors panel, the third Discovery special was announced and it is the Section 31 Headquarters Space Station. This was seen in the second season of Discovery in the episode “Project Daedalus”.

In August 2019 it was announced that MMO Video game Star Trek Online would be partnering with Hero Collector to launch a subscription program. This weekend the first two ships of that line have been revealed, Issue #1 is the Gagarin-Class Starship and Issue #2 is the Chimera-Class starship.

The Gagarin Class Starship – Star Trek Online

STO Community Manager, Mike Fatum, commented that the Chimera-Class was special to the team as it had been the ship Captain Nog commanded. With the recent passing of Aron Eisenberg, they felt it was important to honor his character and feature his ship.

There we go, Hero Collector has treated us well this weekend with a lot of ship models coming over the next few months. We’ll be reviewing the newly released models, so be sure to check back here and on our YouTube channel for updates on new ships.
Special thanks to the fantastic team at the Hero Collector booth for being so welcoming to the Trek Central team.