Star Trek Picard’s Score Is Underway!

In Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “The Inner Light” episode, Captain Jean-Luc Picard finds happiness in a life that is completely opposite to his own. This is one of the most acclaimed episodes of all time. The mesmerizing sound of Picard’s flute solo has become a fan favorite over the years. The music score might easily be described as “Picard’s theme” for his character.

The Funny thing is that from that moment on, Captain Picard is the only character in the Star Trek universe that has a unique, distinctive theme of his own.

The Inner Light melody was composed by Jay Chattaway, who has an Emmy for the music of the final episode of Star Trek: Voyager. But that was then and there is the here and now: Picard has a new series of his own. With the series, comes new music of course, so will Jean-Luc have a modern-day theme?

Picard’s Ressikan Flute

From an Emmy winner to another Emmy winner, Picard makes it so!

Jeff Russo has taken on the job of scoring Star Trek: Picard series thus honoring our Jean-Luc Picard with his own signature music again. Russo, a former rock musician was a nominee for a Grammy back in 2003 and won an Emmy for Fargo. He is no stranger to Star Trek. He composed the vibrant theme for Star Trek: Discovery, which breathed new life into the franchise back in 2017.

It seems that he found Picard’s melody quite soon, but it took him several weeks to fully develop it. “I kept playing it and playing it until I cracked the code of what I thought it should be,” Mr. Russo said during an interview with The Globe and Mail.

Jeff Russo conducting Star Trek: Discovery original soundtrack. Awesome video, believe me!

“I would play the whole thing on a piano. It was fast and then it was a little slow, and then it was played on this instrument and that instrument, and should it be a flute o should it be strings, or should there be a horn? Maybe it should be an oboe.”

Picard has developed under a lot of secrecy, any details surrounding the show have been super quiet. It was Russo’s himself who decided to announce his participation in the series. “Proverbial cat/bag scenario… I am so thrilled about this show, it’s insane”, he has written on his Twitter account.

As of November 11th, Jeff Russo confirmed that he has started work on the score for ST: Picard in a tweet.

The music used in TNG’s “The Inner Light” episode can envoke a lot of emotion from viewers. Star Trek: Picard has already been described as an emotional story, so let’s hope the music follows the writing.

Star Trek: Picard airs on January 23rd on CBS All Access for USA viewers. Amazon Prime will stream the series on January 24th for international viewers.
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