Deep Space Nine: Too Long a Sacrifice Issue #2 Review

IDW’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Too Long a Sacrifice Issue #2 has beamed onto store shelves. We now dive further into the plot of a mysterious bombing that destroyed a restaurant on the promenade of Deep Space Nine. With Constable Odo as our guide, we are taken through a classic “whodunnit” with Odo taking on the role of a classic noir detective, a la Humphrey Bogart, except with a bit more shapeshifting. When we last left off, Quark was taken into questioning for possessing materials that were used in the dastardly explosion. In the great words of Majel Barrett, “And now the conclusion.” 

Despite Odo and Worf’s intense line of questioning, Quark claims innocence. It was always unlikely that Quark committed this crime, despite his usual nefarious dealings. He’s the rogue with a heart of gold, but would never go out of his way to harm others. He claims he is simply being framed due to a bad business deal. However, a communication from Bashir interrupts Odo and Worf’s interrogation.

Quark defends himself to Odo and Worf

Another death on the station. But this time the victim is just one man, a Bajoran named Keidan. The man died from multiple stab wounds in a maintenance area of the station. Unsure where to go next, Odo and Worf question Garak. Garak’s shop was the last place Keidan went before his untimely demise. Garak claims innocence and leaves the two investigators with a haunting piece of advice. Garak says, “This station has more tales to tell than you even know… and an even longer memory…”

“Attention Bajoran Workers”

Garak could be referring to the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, and their control over DS9, formerly known as Terok Nor. The restaurant that was destroyed was owned by a Bajoran, and the man recently killed was also a Bajoran. Odo later discovers that Keidan was a collaborator during the occupation, so perhaps the “long memory” Garak refers to is of those who were former collaborators with the Cardassian government. Perhaps someone is trying to exact revenge on these defectors. 

Seemingly at a dead end, Worf suggests to Odo that the two take on a more “aggressive manner of questioning” and the two begin rounding up criminals all across the station. Eventually, the two capture the two Nausicaans who accused Quark of committing the crime, but they too are a dead end. 

Worf and Odo consider new tactics

Later, Major Kira attempts to meet with a Farengi Trade Delegation aboard the station. She enters their quarters to find them eating and drinking wildly. She tells them they are going to be late for their meeting when they suddenly start choking and gagging on their food. Kira watches helplessly as the Farengi are killed. Later, Bashir discovers that the Farengi all ingested poison. This complicates the whole investigation, as the Bajorans are now not the only ones being targeted.  

Apocalypse Rising

Captain Sisko then meets with other high ranking members of Starfleet. We see Sisko, a human, and a Vulcan, an Andorian, and a Tellerite. This is an interesting touch as these four races were the founding members of the Federation. While they once worked together to forge peace, they now meet to discuss war. It is also interesting to see an Andorian and a Tellerite used here, as neither species was featured prominently in Deep Space Nine or many of the other series besides The Original Series and Enterprise

Sisko discusses the war effort with top Starfleet officers

The officers’ plan was to trade with the Farengi to garner more photon torpedoes, but now that they have been killed, the hunt to stop the violence onboard the station has intensified. Sisko informs Odo that Starfleet has assigned a special civilian investigator to take over the case. Odo is naturally offended by this, as DS9 is his home turf. Nobody knows the station better than him. However, Sisko asks that Odo put his pride aside and work with the investigator. Odo reluctantly agrees. 

The crew travel to the docking ring to meet the investigator, who turns out to be a Betazoid named Retlaw. He reads everyone’s mind except Odo’s, to whom he says “…it’s like you’re not even here” as the issue closes out. Odo and Retlaw are bound to clash and vye for control over the investigation. Retlaw has a natural advantage due to his mind reading abilities, but Odo has the home field advantage here on DS9. How will the two put aside their differences to stop the violence onboard the station? And what will we learn about this Retlaw character? He is just as much a mystery as the saboteur onboard the station. 

“Next time on…”

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