Deep Space Nine: Too Long a Sacrifice Issue #1 Review

With the release of Star Trek: Picard, fans have been able to revisit some of their favorite characters and stories from Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) and Star Trek: Voyager (VOY). However, there is one Star Trek series that has been left out of the recent efforts to capitalize on fan’s nostalgia. One series that is often forgotten or brushed aside. One series that hasn’t had a new story told within its universe in over a decade. That series, of course, is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9).  Now, Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Too Long a Sacrifice is out!

IDW’s four-part series Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Too Long a Sacrifice returns us to the world of DS9 for the first time in over a decade. The last time we saw these characters in action was the 2009 – 2010 IDW comic series Fool’s Gold, written by the same authors as Too Long a Sacrifice. Now, we return to the melting pot of the galaxy to experience a new story set in the thick of the Dominion War. This series most likely takes place during Season 6 of the show. 

Detective Odo

Too Long a Sacrifice is centered around a surprise terrorist bombing aboard DS9 and Constable Odo’s investigation into the mystery surrounding the attack. It is fitting that this series chooses to highlight Odo due to the tragic passing of actor René Auberjonois (1940 – 2019) just last year. This comic book series could be viewed as one last ode to Odo. 

Several variant covers were published for this series. Some showcase actual pictures of Odo and others artist interpretations. However, one in particular stands out. The variant displays the title of the series, Too Long a Sacrifice, in big, red, italicized letters. This graphic is meant to pay homage to detective dramas of the 1940s such as The Maltese Falcon or The Big Sleep. We can expect to see Odo use his expert detective skills to find the cause of the terrorist bombing and uncover the mystery surrounding its perpetrator. 

The stylized cover art

My Good Doctor

We open the issue on one of the many lunches between exiled Cardassian Garak, and Doctor Julian Bashir. The friendship between the two is a fan favorite relationship, so to see it displayed here is quite the treat. The two discuss the state of the Dominion war. As usual, Garak is coy and vague about how much he knows and how much he is willing to share with Bashir. 

However, the lunch is brutally interrupted by an explosion that destroys the restaurant. In a moment of heroism, Garak grabs Bashir and throws the two of them out the window, protecting them from the blast. We then cut to Odo, Lieutenant Commander Dax, and Chief O’Brien who examined the wreckage. Odo reveals that eight people were killed in the bombing. He asks O’Brien and Dax to look into the type of explosive device and what kind of lingering effects it may have on the station.

Odo, O’Brien, and Dax examine the wreckage

The Plot Thickens

Later, Odo speaks with Captain Sisko. He explains that of the eight people killed, there were three Benzites, two Nausicaans, two Bajorans, and one Ferengi. Odo and Sisko question the proprietor of the restaurant, a Bajoran woman by the name of Lavin about the bombing. When asked if she knows who might have committed this crime, Lavin responds in a fit of rage that the culprit is none other than the bartender Quark. However, Odo and Sisko question the validity of this accusation knowing that Quark would never do something this heinous. 

Back in Sick Bay, Bashir reveals to O’Brien and Dax that the explosive was packed with Rodinium Darts. Small pieces of shrapnel designed to shred tissue. Whoever set this explosive was looking to kill. Normally the darts would have been detected by the station’s cargo scanners, but for some reason they weren’t flagged by security. 

The Powder Keg

In Sisko’s office, Sisko explains to Odo and the rest of the crew how urgent the investigation is. Representatives from each of the races that were killed are demanding answers. Deep Space Nine has always been a melting pot for different cultures and races while acting as an important military outpost for the Federation. It is vital that Odo and the crew find the cause of this attack or the station could be thrown into chaos. 

Back in his office, Odo postulates who may have committed the crime. We get to read his personal notes, gaining insight into his thoughts much like a captain’s log. Odo quickly rules out the Dominion, Garak, or even Quark. He does not see any clear motivation or benefit on their behalf from destroying a restaurant. However, Commander Worf interrupts Odo and aggressively claims that the Nausicans are in fact responsible for the bombing. Odo quickly dismisses this claim as he again does not see a motive, when two Nausicans suddenly enter the office. 

Odo writes notes

Nausicans were prominently featured in the TNG episode “Tapestry”. In the episode, a Nausican stabs Jean-Luc Picard in the heart over a game of Dom-jot. The Nausicans and Klingons have a history of conflict, as both their cultures are centered around war and aggression. However, the Nausicans seem to be less controlling of their hostile tendencies than the Klingons. Every time they are shown on screen they are either fighting or looking to start one.


The Nausicans in Odo’s office demand that Odo investigate Quark. They too have heard Lavin’s accusations and have heard of Quark’s notorious criminal dealings. The Nausicans threaten to take matters into their own hands if Odo refuses to cooperate. However, a call from O’Brien containing shocking news interrupts the tense confrontation.

We then cut to sometime later when Quark visits Odo in his office. Odo then reveals to Quark that Chief O’Brien found a parcel of Rodinium Darts in Quark’s incoming cargo shipment. Shocked at this revelation, the issue closes out on Quark’s reaction. 

This accusation against Quark is most likely a red herring. We know that Quark has a heart of gold and would never harm someone’s life just for a profit. It is likely that Quark is simply being framed for this attack. He is a known profiteer and swindler on DS9 so we would be an easy target to blame. 

Too Long a Sacrifice throws us back into the world of Deep Space Nine in new and interesting ways. On the heels of the 25th anniversary of the show, getting another chance to see these characters in action, especially Odo, is very exciting. How will Odo and the crew stop more nefarious attacks on the station in the midst of the Dominion War? Stay tuned to Trek Central for our coverage on issue #2, coming out next month.