STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Aftermath Issue #2 – Review

“Aftermath Issue #2 – As Spock deals with the loss of his sister Michael Burnham, Captain Pike makes an offer to the Klingons. But will the enemies of Chancellor L’Rell ignite a new war instead? Don’t miss this amazing new series that follows the shocking conclusion of season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery.

Another exciting edition of IDW’s Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath comic has beamed down this week. Featuring Klingons, the Enterprise and of course more of our favorite Captain, Christopher Pike.

Today we’ll be reviewing the comic and seeing what sticks out to us.

Captain Christopher Pike and Spock - Aftermath Issue #2
Captain Christopher Pike and Spock – Aftermath Issue #2

Catching up

Previously in Aftermath, we saw the reality of the aftermath from the Enterprise and Discovery’s battle with Control. Spock returned with Pike to the Enterprise ahead of the Klingon meeting. Although the Klingons and Captain Pike are a core focus of this comic, Spock and his relationship with Michael Burnham is deeply explored and how he deals with her disappearance into time.

Klingon relations are at a breaking point. L’Rell has made a move to start peace talks with the Federation, this does not sit well with Klingon elders. They’re are not happy with her decisions that in their own opinion, abandon the old ways of the Klingon Empire.

Before the parties meet, L’Rell recruits a young Klingon Warrior to be her personal security for the peace conference, Kor. The name might be familiar to Trek fans, as he appeared during The Original Series with Captain Kirk.

L'Rell recruits Kor
Chancellor L’Rell and Kor – Issue #1 of Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath

Aftermath Issue #2

Following on from Issue #1, Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer captivate us again with their skills at writing stories. One thing that sticks out to me with this comic is the use of comedy and banter between characters. This is something which Star Trek sometimes struggles to pull off in its writing.

There is a particular section with an Andorian Admiral, of which I will include below. He’s delighted to hear how L’Rell’s attitude is towards the peaceful Federation language he used. Making the comment “I like her already.” when told that Klingons don’t have a concept for being “Rude” by Captain Pike.

The connections between this comic and Star Trek Discovery are fantastic, obviously, this is the intention but it really does serve to tie up stories and little bits of lore from the show, which now has no real chance of tying up those stories on screen/

Captain Pike and a Federation Admiral
Captain Pike and Admiral Shallek of Starfleet.

Art Style

In the previous issue, we mentioned about the art style of the comic and once again it’s simply beautiful. Thanks to Tony Shasteen and then J.D Mettler who blended the colors together.

No matter if it’s the characters or shots of the Enterprise’s new flashy bridge, the comic’s style makes it feel and look like the same aesthetic design from the Star Trek: Discovery show. Pike’s cheeky smile and a happy Klingon really stick out for me in this issue of the comic, something which I love.

Like the first issue, the second issue of Aftermath gives us the Discovery story content we have been craving. We’re really seeing how the effects of Discovery Season 2 have impacted not only Spock, but the galaxy as a whole.

The last few pages of this issue leave us on another cliffhanger. One that I am already eagerly awaiting the next issue of Aftermath, just so I can read what happens. Issue #3 of Star Trek DiscoveryAftermath arrives in October 2019.

If you want to read Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath for yourself, then you can find it via IDW’s website. Find our review of Issue #1 here.


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