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About Trek Central

Trek Central is a large and rapidly growing digital media platform, dedicated to covering the iconic Star Trek Universe. Our mission is to get the news out first, but with a commitment to credibility and the highest level of professional standards. Through our YouTube channel, website, and various social media platforms, Trek Central is seeking to provide premier, top of the line coverage on the latest Trek news, reviews, and breakdowns to fans all over the world!

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You can contact us via social media channels, but for specific enquiries please email us using the addresses below:

General enquiries: Admin [at] TrekCentral.net
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Staff Team

Meet the crew behind Trek Central!

Jack Trestrail
Director and Executive Editor

Jack founded Trek Central in 2019 and currently oversees the operations of the organization. As a lifelong Sci-Fi fan, Jack has been successfully running a Sci-Fi YouTube channel under the name “Captain Jack” since 2010.

Twitter: @CaptainJackYT  | YouTube: Captain Jack

TJ Jeffrey
Assistant Editor
TJ blames her grandmother, and Jonathan Frakes’ beard, for a life-long love of all things Star Trek. A professional video editor by day, and a social media tinkerer by night, TJ is part of Trek Central’s content creation team, and an enthusiastic supporter of all things Captain Christopher Pike.

Dominic Paris
Content Manager

A lifelong Star Trek fan, Dom works as the Content Manager of the Trek Central video content, deciding what engaging topics beam to your screens. His favourite Star Trek series is “Deep Space Nine”.

Twitter @DomDParis

Craig Turner
Content Writer

Craig was born right before The Next Generation Era began. He was watching Star Trek from a young age and has done so ever since. The interest grew with the introduction of Deep Space Nine and Voyager, along with all the other series and movies that followed.

Eva-Maria Jaime
Content Writer

Literary and social media writer. Star Trek has been a life-long companion and a philosophical guide of sorts about right and wrong when I still was too young to understand the classics. It’s a gift to be part of the Trek Central ‘s crew. Feels like serving in the Enterprise: enthusiastic, professional and dedicated people that love its work. Can it be better?

Jacob Levy
Content Writer

From Sector 001 to the Delta Quadrant, from the Bajoran Wormhole to the Neutral Zone, Jacob has spent many years trekking through the stars. Although he cannot yet live in the 24th century, he loves writing, philosophizing, and theorizing about where no one has gone before. Engage!

Robin Avalyn
Content Writer

A Star Trek junkie since episode 1 beamed to our screens over 50 years ago, Robin now shares her passion for all things Trek by writing engaging and investigative articles.

Brie Beecher
Video Presenter

Brie joined the Trek Central crew in late 2019 as a video presenter for the YouTube channel. A natural Star Trek fan, she loves cosplaying as her favourite characters during her spare time.

Adam Watson
Video Presenter

Ensign Adam joined the good ship Trek Central in late 2019 as a video presenter. Adam, using his ever so wonderful voice, specialises in the ‘Star Trek Explained’ series, taking Trekkies on journeys through the lore of the Star Trek Universe.

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